Fresh from the Kitchen Catering

Fresh from the Kitchen Catering

“A taste of Perfection!”

From the time I was 8 years old I wanted to be a chef. My
whole world revolved around baking, cooking, cooking shows, trips to Williams
Sonoma, watching Julia Child Saturday mornings on PBS. Yes, I was the only
teenage girl that had a subscription to Marth Stewart Weddings. I was obsessed!
Anything event, I wanted to be involved in. My first job at age 16, that wasn’t
an entrepreneurial pursuit, was a server at a banquet hall. When it comes to
this industry, food & beverage, hospitality, I have done it all. Washed
hundreds of dishes, loaded and unloaded events by myself, planned, cooked, made
food labels, lists (oh the endless lists) for each event on what is needed,
what should be gathered, what should be purchased.

So, imagine my dismay when my world, besides family,
literally my world, came to a halt because of COVID-19. I was angry, sad,
upset, frightened, dismayed, discouraged, unmotivated, depressed. I literally
felt this crushing weight upon myself as I felt so overwhelmed as to what to
do. Many of my competitors jumped on making individual meals to package and
sell to the public. Other’s were unbothered and would be unscathed, as they had
enough to weather the storm. Some fired people and didn’t pay them. It was like
a horror film, and whatever door I chose, the killer was behind each door. What
could I do as the event calendar I depended on greatly all but dwindled down to
nothingness? I added up the money being lost or postponed at what seemed like
an accelerated exponential rate, and cried some more wondering, will I have to
close my doors after 11 years? I cried thinking of each and everyone of my
amazing staff that now would not have a job until we were told we could work
again. It wasn’t feasible for us to do meals. Too many risks, not enough
profit. I have always been a problem solver, and the worse thing about this
virus, was it left me powerless. It left me with no options. It didn’t let me
problem solve.

I had to contact the bank and other intuitions, my business
landlord, asking them, pleading them to work with me. I wrote hardship letters,
and endless calls. I followed all disaster relief aid, because I knew I needed
it. The large amounts of income the business was not making now, made survival
seem bleak. Who knew in one day, one announcement could bring my business to a
halt? I gave my workers their final checks for now. I tearfully wrote them
about what was happening. I sent them all the links to help them in this
crisis. I offered them food, shelter, family, and toilet paper. It was all I
had that I could give. I stopped my salary, and halted my mortgage payment on
my home. I was at a crossroads. Do I call it quits? How much more debt should I
get in to save my business. My business that felt like it was dying in these
trying times. This was the time to soul search. To decide to I deplete my
savings and max out credit cards if all else fails? To decide, will I recover?
Will my business? My fall calendar was full, but what if….?? Let there not be a
what if.

A beautiful soul, I will leave her nameless, messaged me and
said, now is the time to make your team strong. Reach out to so and so, they
will be able to do leaps and bounds for your company. I want you partnered with
me so that as soon as we get the greenlight, we can come back strong. I started
to imagine this. I remember my family always told me I had a millionaire mind
set, and I would accomplish this through my business. My problem-solving mind
started thinking of the possibilities. I dried my tears, and decided, I am this
vested. Don’t quit now. My fiancé encouraged me too, saying “You got this. It
will all be fine.” My staff encouraged me, saying they can’t wait for us to be
back in the kitchen cooking and planning. And just like that, I knew saving my
business, prepping for the greenlight, and following my passion was my only
option. The best option!

With this new mindset, I am applying for financial aid, not
just to make sure my bills are paid for now, but to bigger and better my
company. I will train a sales team, I will get new catering supplies, I will
come up with new ideas to have additional forms of revenue streams (a café
would be great!). This virus won’t stop me. I started my business in 2008, and
I am still here. I will remain here. There are too many people that know who I
am, and too many that don’t. There are many businesses, client’s, brides,
grooms, and individuals that need to experience “a taste of perfection!”
That being said, connect with us. Let us plan together. Let us make your event
spectacular! Read about our accolades. Know we are family owned and small, but
have huge presence and amazing integrity. Booking with someone that loves what
they do is the difference between booking with someone that is just looking to
pay the bills (yes, always necessary, but those people lack soul, and it
reflects in their food). As it has been said before by others, I am not here to
be average, I am here to be awesome! Our past client’s can relate to this, and
have amazing reviews and positive things to say about Fresh from the Kitchen.

Please book with us so you can say positive things too. Help
me create a legacy. I am here to stay. I am open for business. May it please be

Noelle Salinas is the sole owner of Fresh from the
Kitchen. Founded in 2008, this woman-owned minority driven company offers
full-service catering for weddings, social events, and corporate events. The
owner studied locally at Phoenix College, receiving two associate’s degrees in
food service administration and culinary studies. She is the visionary behind
her company, and has a passion for fine food, travel, and reading. She has one
son (and 3 stepkids!), was recently engaged, and together with others in her
industry will beat COVID-19 and come out stronger than ever. Love, prayer, and
kindness guide her decisions. If you would like to have “a taste of
perfection!” please email or call.

| Phone: 602-694-1197


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