The Live Events Coalition

Who We Are

The Live Events Coalition is an inclusive, non-profit, all-volunteer organization. 

Our industry is often cited as one of the hardest hit by many, and one that will require very specific considerations long term in order to regain our footing.  

And while The Live Events Coalition may have been formed in direct response to this global health pandemic. We have come to learn through this crisis that there is a need and a desire for our Coalition to exist long-term. We stand ready to continue as advocates for our industry. To learn from our experiences with Covid-19, and be prepared to address challenges as they arise in the future.


The Live Events Coalition is a network of live event professionals. Joining together, strength in numbers and finding support and resources as a group with common thread professionally.

Who we are caterers, event planners, talent, musicians, technicians, floral designers, engineers, bands, disc jockeys. We are photographers, event rental companies, suppliers, freelancers, sporting event ticket tackers, and concession workers.

We are production companies & technicians, transportation, event venues, destination management companies, convention centers, hotels and so much more.


In short our industry was the first to close due to the slow pace of recovery, we will be the last to completely reopen. consequently, due to the current CDC guidelines, it will take us much longer than any other industry to bounce back and recover. The guidelines of social distancing and the number of people permitted to gather has been limited.

Therefore, completely tying our hands. Our industry needs and requires special considerations long term in order to solve our unique challenges down the road.


We need ongoing education for our local, state, and federal legislators and government officials.

They need to understand the millions of jobs associated with our industry and the trillions of dollars that we not only contribute to the United States economy but globally. We are building a community of support long term for our specific needs. This will also offer you an opportunity to engage and help lobby legislators and make an impact in your community and state.  


Therefore providing tools and resources to develop a healthy mind and promote stability while managing the demands of the live events industry. We will have ongoing newsletters, YouTube video outputs and Town Hall discussions with guest speakers to continue the conversation.


Aligning with other events coalitions formed in response to COVID-19 as well as the countless industry organizations that already exist.

To expand our reach and understand the state and local needs of our members as well as the industry segments that make up live events.

Current Partnerships: Meetings Mean Business, Events Industry Counsel, Showmakers Symposium, the Event Safety Alliance and More…

Long Term: 

The Live Events Coalition is a long-term ongoing coalition. After COVID-19 is behind us, we will continue to advocate for our industry’s needs. Our long terms goal is to develop group purchasing power for products and services. Most importantly but not limited to tailored health, life and accident insurance policies as well as other products and services relevant to our needs and the success of our business.

2. Send a letter to your representatives

3. Share your story

4. Fill out our industry survey

5. Find coalition volunteer opportunities

6. Submit resources that need to be shared

7. Contact Coalition Leadership with new opportunities

8. Find a state coalition partner for local resources

9. Follow us on Social Media

10. Share the Coalition with your network

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