There are many out-of-the-box drink ideas that you may want to consider for your next event apart from your own signature cocktail. Dry ice cocktails are one way to impress your guests at your next corporate event. Whether you want the dry ice to be used in the pour-over containers housing the alcohol or in specific beverages made by the bar staff, these drinks are able to impress any guests you may have at your event. Dry ice can make even a seemingly simple cocktail have a gorgeous presentation. If you want a worldly presence at your next event, there is a cocktail all the way from London that may be just what you are searching for from across the sea, and an under-the-sea cocktail that is sure to be unforgettable. The “Deep Sea,” comes all the way from London, England, and is surely unlike anything else your guests have ever tasted. The cocktail includes ingredients like seaweed, ocean bitters, and squid ink. 


Interactive drink stations are a great way to get your guests involved in all of the fun and keep your events at the forefront of their minds for years to come. Drink stations are ways for your guests to create their own fun and unique cocktails. One great option is to have a pour-over station. At this station, guests can choose items like hibiscus or berries to add to their glasses and then have Vodka or Tequila poured over to create a beautiful refreshing beverage for them to enjoy. Some events even choose to have a champagne tap where the guests can have their drinks flowing all night long. A popular option is to have a Bloody Mary Bar where guests can add in as many toppings as they like to their drink. Interactive drink stations are the perfect way to get your guests involved in all the fun of making their own custom beverages and a perfect excuse for a photo op. 

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