The Demand for Car Launches are rising

The Demand for Car Launches are rising. New car launches are exhilarating events that generally require distinctive huge cool venues to host them in. There’s perhaps no more attention-grabbing or suitably themed venue for showing off a new car model than the Vehicle Vault Scottsdale.

Enormous doesn’t begin to define the 11,000-space offered by Vehicle Vault Scottsdale . High ceilings, shiny concrete floors, tall windows throughout. Roll up doors auto ramps and a high-end photo booth on the floor!  It delivers a wide range of prospects to decorate or theme to suit any type of car model and is wide enough to fit most models in.

These things will make your modern car launch a fabulous success, and something everyone will be sure to not ever forget. It has enough room to house a fleet of cars, permitting different colors to be painlessly showcased. You can even have numerous different models. Our location consists of large roll-up doors,, ramps and a large outdoor event area.  If you don’t want all of that space. You can just take what you want, using the areas that best suit what you’re doing. Any automobile you have here will be positioned into an absolutely clear canvas, meaning that you can embellish to show off your auto’s best features.

An elegant venue will create a real sense of occasion

While the roomy interior can comfortably hold anywhere up to 500 people.

We’re the swanky venue you find nestled in the heart of Scottsdale. Therefore we guarantee our success by being exclusive private and totally unique. In addition what matters to us is the quality, not the number of events we produce. From our fashionable foodie-approved menus and hip crafty spirits to the fab atmosphere. And sensational décor available, events at our venue’s flourish without limitations. At Venues of North Scottsdale is a must for merriments designed to arouse your soul leaving you with memories that will last for at least a lifetime.

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