Reasons to Have a Celebration of Life Events Instead of Memorial Services

We have come a long way in bidding farewell to deceased loved ones. From primitive burials to memorial services, funerals have changed a lot over the course of human history. In the last couple of years, people are gravitating towards an arrangement where the departed soul is remembered in the more cherished and heartening way instead of typical doom and gloom.

These unique farewell services are called a celebration of life events and have emerged as a more poignant and thoughtful option than a regular funeral and memorial service.

1) Celebrating a Life Is Better than Mourning a Death

This is one of the simplest mantras for which such events are getting popular. It is always better to treasure the achievements and highs of the deceased individual with joviality instead of dismay and dismal.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean people are not supposed to mourn the death of their loved ones. Mourning always takes precedence over any other emotion. You can’t stop the intrinsic outpouring of sorrow that the passing of a loved one begets. However, the idea of a celebration of life event is to remember the deceased in a positive way.

2) Better Participation from the Social Circle

A funeral and memorial service is a somber state of affairs. Everyone attends them after getting into a certain disposition. It inadvertently creates a stiff environment where everyone just waits to end the proceeding and leave. If you want to ensure the family, friends, and colleagues participate with more dedication, hold a celebration of life event. The light and a gently cheerful ambiance of such a commemoration allow people to feel more at home. Friends and colleagues are also able to share funny anecdotes that they may refrain from sharing on a memorial service.

3) You Can Personalize It Better

The idea of a funeral or memorial service is to remember and saying a final goodbye to the deceased individual. Isn’t it best to arrange a gathering that is entirely customized with the personality and preferences of the departed? You can do this in a better manner in a celebration of life event. From setting the menu with the favorite dishes of the deceased and having their favorite music playing in the background, you can transform every bit of the event into their remembrance.

4) Convenience

Truth be told, organizing a celebration of life event is more convenient than a funeral service. Funeral services entail burial as well. This makes taking care of the schedule of visitors difficult. Also, you don’t get time to make the service more thoughtful. Celebration of life events usually happens after burials and cremations. Here, you can accommodate more people by setting a convenient timing. Similarly, you get enough time to outline more pensive proceedings of the event.

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