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Your Guide to Corporate Event Trends

Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering and Scottsdale Private Event Venues team up for a 1,000 plus person corporate event!

Corporate Event Trends

From large to small, corporate events are becoming more and more intricate. Trends for events and catering are all coming into play for businesses that are throwing anniversary parties, employee holiday gatherings, conference after parties, and employee team building events. This list of top corporate event trends is your go-to guide to create an amazing event for your guests.

1.Picking a theme for your corporate party

Creating a theme for your corporate event will help you to set the tone. Do you want a classy, up-scale event? Are you wanting your guests to let loose with dancing and music? Will there be a speaker that a focus needs to be created for?  Thinking of what vibe you want your event to have will help to create the flow of your event and how you can elevate it for your guests.

This Venues of North Scottsdale corporate party was a holiday reception with a “Travel the World” theme. Guests entered the Scottsdale Private Event Venue hangar and were greeted by an airline captain with a Prickly Pear Margarita. Guests “traveled” to each culinary station to enjoy foods from around the world! All of the catering staff were dressed as airline attendants to set the mood for the traveling theme.

2. The Best Event Space For Your Corporate Party

When it comes to picking a venue for your corporate event, we suggest that you consider a few things before making a final decision.

How many guests will be attending your event? You will want to check with the venue that it has capacity for what your high end attendee count will be.

What is included with the venue? You will want to ask the venue what they include in the venue fee. This will help you to plan what else you need to rent for your event. You will also want to find out if the venue requires you to book certain vendors, if there are power restrictions, how many hours before and after the event time that you can set-up and breakdown. Some venues handle rentals through their event production team. Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering is a full-service catering team and can also help you with all aspects of your event.

Why is location important for a venue? When hosting a corporate party, sometimes your guests are coming from out of town. You will want to consider airport transportation and hotel accommodations close to the venue you are choosing.

The event was hosted at a North Scottsdale party hangar with enough space for 1,000 plus guests. It was the perfect venue this size group and to create a themed experience for an event to remember. This venue has a spacious indoor and outdoor area that can be transformed into any layout needed to create a fabulous event.

3. How to Make Your Corporate Event Menu Stand Out

When it comes to corporate catering, Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering is always coming up with new, unique menus that work best with the flow of the event. There are several different types of ways to present food at a corporate event. Most people think of the traditional catering buffet or plated dinner, but at Artisan by SBC we like to think outside of the box to create an experience for event guests.

Creating a Menu for a Corporate Event

At this Scottsdale Private Event Venue event in North Scottsdale, guests progressively “traveled” to each activated culinary station. Each station featured a different chef with a different menu item. Having culinary stations throughout the event helped to alleviate lines for the 1,000 attendees. Upon arrival, a Prickly Pear Margarita greet drink was given to each guest. The first two culinary stations activated were the “West Coast American” and “Mediterranean Indulgence”. Crispy Buffalo Chicken Bites Served in Waffle Cones Drizzled with Herbed Aioli were an Instagram worthy menu item. For vegetarians at this corporate event, a Crispy Cauliflower Bite was an option. Vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters a like were also impressed by the 24-foot crudites display. This station featured Roasted Garlic Humus and Charred Red Pepper Hummus Topped with Kalamata Olives, Pine Nuts, Feta & Diced Tomato. Served with Pita Crisps, Tortilla Chips & Crudités Vegetables.

The next culinary activations included an Italian Bar with Assorted Grilled Breads, Naan, Crostini and Traditional Basil Pesto + Spinach Artichoke Dip for topping. Italian Classics including Caprese Skewers Drizzled with Queen Creek Olive Oil & Chopped Basil and Lemon Parmesan Skewer with Housemade Garlic Dip.

Next the worldly cuisine “traveled” to the guests with this Roaming Culinary Experience. Flight attendants showcased Fire Roasted Elote Street Corn and Crispy Vegetarian Spring Rolls with Sweet & Sour Sauce.

To end the evening, some Southern Comfort was a final destination for this corporate catering event. Mesquite BBQ Beef Sliders Topped with Tangy Slaw, Served on Soft Roll with Pickle Spear.

4. How to Pick the Perfect Event Vendors to Elevate Your Event

After you have booked your venue and catering team, you will want to see what other event upgrades you can add to your event. Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering and Scottsdale Private Event Venues work with so many award-winning event vendors that teaming up with both companies makes planning your event simple. Vendors that you will want to consider are: entertainment, upgraded bar services or props, lighting and sound, lounge rentals, staging, photography and photo booths, videography, valet, branding, and floral.

At this particular 1,000 person corporate event at Scottsdale Private Event Venues there were several vendors that helped to bring the party to life.

Staging, lighting, and sound: Divinity Event Lighting

Photographer: Aribella Photography

Bar Enhancement: Tap Truck

Photobooth: Crazy Shotz Photo Booth

Lounge Furniture and Decor: AZ Retro Rentals

Games: Epic Party Team

5. Create the perfect Corporate Event timeline

After booking the venue, the catering company, all of the vendors, and deciding on the perfect decor, a step that must not be forgotten is the timeline of your event. Not having an event timeline could hinder the guests experience. Event planners must go back to the overall flow of the event. How much “work” time will be at the event, and how much “play” time should be allotted. Without balancing both types, an event may not accomplish the goals that the company had for its guests.

A timeline is also important to keep all of the vendors on schedule, especially for a 1,000 person event. If the caterer does not know when the CEO is going to speak to guests, they may time their hot food to be displayed during the wrong time. Many times your venue point of contact or your caterer can help you decide what the best flow for your event should be so that your guests have the best experience possible.

Planning the perfect Corporate Party

With these simple steps, you will be on your way to throwing the ultimate corporate event. From finding the perfect venue, creating a delicious catering menu, booking fun and interactive entertainment. Having a corporate event theme will help to tie all of your vendors together. Last, but not least taking time to plan your event timeline will help make a smooth event for all.

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