For a Great Event, Hire Great Staff

A large-scale corporate event has many moving pieces, and they all need to work together in concert to make the event a success. From food to parking, entertainment to ambiance, your guests expect everything to go off without a hitch – and to make that happen, the event needs excellent staff.

At SPEV, we can handle all of the planning and hiring duties, or work with you and your team to help build an event with service providers you select. Whichever path you choose, getting the right people on board is of the utmost importance. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the major pieces, and how each impacts the overall success of your event.

Food and Catering in Venues

People need to eat! Not only is having a great menu important to a successful event, the guests also rely on a small army of cooks, waitstaff, transportation, and all of the other human beings involved in catering a special location.

With this in mind, the food served is almost secondary. Great appetizers don’t matter if they aren’t served at the right time, if the people serving them are rude or unprofessional, if they aren’t the right temperature, or if the presentation is poor.

So, when selecting an event caterer, we focus as much (or more) on reviews and experiences as menu items or fancy dishes. Having a professional staff that understands the subtleties of timing and presentation is going to make a larger difference in the success of an event than the food selections themselves.

Entertainment for Events

If your event includes entertainment, whether that’s a live band, a DJ, a keynote speaker, or any combination of on-stage performance, the technical aspects are just as essential as the performance itself. That means hiring a reputable production company for equipment, audio, lighting, and even maintaining the entertainment schedule.

Guests at the event will appreciate the right lighting, high-quality sound mixing, and a tight schedule that flows with the other beats of the event, and the performer (regardless of the type of performance they’re presenting) will appreciate professional gear, knowledgeable production staff, and clear information about sound checks, start and end times, and all of the details that let them know where to be and when.

All of this combines to make all of the people presenting the entertainment comfortable and well informed, which translates to seamless transitions in and out of the entertainment portion of your event.  

Decor for private events

Yet another aspect of an event that is driven by the people actually doing the work, decorating your space is what creates the atmosphere and tone of the whole gathering! Of course objects like lights, centerpieces, furniture, and tableware have an impact, but so do the people who put them into place.

A keen eye for decoration is essential here, as is a staff of thorough, detail-oriented people to make sure that things are spaced evenly, lighting is safely secured, and that all decisions are made with continuity in mind.

There are so many people behind the scenes of a successful event, and we often overlook the critical role they play. Instead of just focusing on promotional photos of food and decor, or relying on sales pitches to choose vendors, we make a point to work with providers backed by a strong reputation, solid reviews, and staffed by professionals who truly want to make an event the best it can be. Great people make all the difference!

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