Corporate Holiday Party Tips

Themes. Remember, not everyone is celebrating the same holiday! If throwing a neutral holiday party, try sticking with a winter theme. Check out some of PurpleTrail’s themes for business holiday party invitations.

Set a budget. If corporate isn’t paying for the holiday party, consider creating a holiday fund that everyone contributes to throughout the year. This way the burden doesn’t fall only on the host or the party planners.

Location, location, location 

Consider even hosting the event, at someones home and make it a potluck style gathering. You can create a bring along list, using PurpleTrail invitations. If renting a hall or banquet room, book early. Make sure the location is somewhere close to your office so that it is convenient for everyone to get to. If you do decide to hold the party in the office, make sure it’s in an area of the building that is conducive to social gatherings. Clear out the office paraphernalia beforehand, as nothing will kill the celebratory mood quicker than a party room that looks like it’s about to host a board meeting.

Decorations. Be sure the atmosphere says “party” by investing the time, energy, and money on the decorations. Party supply stores have endless options for inexpensive decorating, not to mention the selection of seasonal flowers and plants that can lend color and flair to the decor.

Festive Attire Required? Indicate what the recommended attire should be. Party guests always appreciate knowing of any dress code requirements or recommendations beforehand. Check out our Holiday Attire article for specifics.

Games. Although some eye rolling may follow the announcement of games, they are a fun way to get everyone participating and talking. Here are some of our favorite office party games.

Food and Drink

Provide ample food and drink to meet all dietary needs. Be sure that the food and beverages you plan to serve encompass the full range of your staff’s dietary needs and preferences. It is good to have a wide range of vegetarian selections, which can be eaten and enjoyed by all. If you do plan on serving alcohol, be sure to provide plenty of soft drinks, juices, and bottled waters for the nondrinkers to enjoy.

Taxi! Make sure people have the ability to get home safely. Often times people over indulge at their office holiday party so be sure to organize sober rides or hand out taxi information to each guest as they arrive.

Remember to have fun! The point is to take some time and enjoy each other outside of work, to get to know each other and share a few laughs! Happy Holidays!

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