Large Spaces for Big Ideas

At SPEV, we have an array of event spaces available, ranging from smaller, more intimate rooms to massive airplane hangars – all fully ready to be developed into the event of your dreams. When choosing the right space, capacity and number of attendees is a primary concern, but it’s not the only determining factor. The bigger space, the bigger the ideas you can realize!

Large spaces like hangars are perfect for events that cater to a vast number of people, but that’s far from their only practical use. Here are a few ideas for utilizing a large event space in an impactful way, based on our years of experience developing fun-filled, memorable moments for corporate clients of all kinds.

Creating Separate Spaces

With enough square footage, a large event space can be transformed into distinct zones that serve different purposes. This may include creating a “games” area with billiards, foosball, and other interactive activities, dedicated seating for eating and more intimate conversation, a pop-up cocktail lounge, and anything else within the realm of imagination!

We know how to make creative use of “directing traffic,” varied decor, and subtle strategies to help guests feel like they’re moving through different areas of a party or event, creating a well-rounded experience they’ll remember for years to come.

Striking Aesthetics

The look and feel of an event are a big part of what makes it successful, and larger spaces create an opportunity for much more extravagant and striking elements. Whether it’s incorporating a car show, installing sculpture or unique lighting fixtures, using themed inflatables, exploring projections for moving backdrops, or any other large, imposing aesthetic design, the more space you have, the more options you have.

We work with your thematic ideas to explore possibilities within the space you choose, and when you’re planning for a space as big as an airplane hangar, those possibilities are nearly endless!

Awesome Entertainment

Some events focus on presentations, speakers, and education. Others are meant to be an opportunity to unwind, cut loose, and enjoy top tier entertainment in an immersive experience.

To make an event truly feel like a concert, you need the space to bring in a big stage, lighting trusses, powerful audio equipment, and enough room for the performers to put on a show. While some types of entertainment don’t require as much flash (like a solo piano recital or a small jazz combo), “party bands” function best when they’re presented as larger than life, with the sound pulsing and the dance floor packed. To achieve such an effect, you need plenty of room!

With this in mind, consider how you want your entertainment to be perceived when selecting a space for your event. Are your entertainers meant to be subtle background ambiance or an exciting spectacle?

Not every event is suited for a place as large as a hangar, but the opportunities for memorable, immersive experiences are amplified when you have plenty of space to work with. As you imagine how you want people to feel, how you want things to look, and how guests will interact with each other and space itself, think about how size helps or hinders your intent.

We’ll help you select the best option from our varied range of event spaces, and work with you to fill that space with the elements that are sure to make your event a massive success.

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