Effectively Control entry and Check-in guests smoothly

1. Welcoming guests happens… before the event

Preparation and organization before your events are the keys to success. In order to achieve this, use an online booking and invitation system, such as Evenium Net for example, which will allow you to generate a booking form and ask your guests questions: Which sessions do they wish to participate in? Are they staying for dinner? Etc. Managing invitations and bookings optimally beforehand will enable you to best prepare for the guests’ actual arrival (reception counters, hospitality staff, signage, goodies, etc.)
Trick: Send your participants e-badges by email, with QR codes on them, and ask them to print them out before the big day. Arrival will be a breeze with this!

2. Adopt new technologies for a fast and personalized welcome

How can you be sure to easily and quickly welcome your guests upon arrival? Are they VIPs? Do they have a payment pending? Do they benefit from a special package or treatment? Imagine – With the help of tablets equipped with a hospitality app, such as Evenium OnSite, your hospitality staff will be able to control and manage access more easily than ever before. All they have to do is scan the QR code on the e-badges, and guide the guests through the event. It’s that simple and easy! Furthermore, all the information is directly synchronized in real time with your database. In this way, you have a global vision of your event’s statistics: who has arrived? How many people are present, etc. (Perfect! You can adapt your activities and table seating accordingly). You will also be prepared for any fraudulent attempt.

3. Eliminate A-F reception counters, implement a “production line” instead

Speaking from experience, we recommend organizing the reception counters by theme and not by alphabetical order. In this way, the guests will be spread out in a more efficient way among the different counters.

For example, create a section for those who have already pre-registered, another one for those who haven’t paid yet and yet another one that will only take care of the exceptions. These exceptions often lead to long queues. Guests have to wait their turn, whereas hostesses could have already registered two or three participants in the meantime. What more, it always makes a better impression to have a special VIP counter – you probably don’t want to make your speakers, sponsors, reporters, etc. wait!

4. Make your staff happy

Hospitality apps are often really easy to use! Your hostesses will enjoy using them and their work will become less stressful. All you have to do is brief your hospitality staff the day before the event, and let them play around with the app. It’s easy to use and quick to learn.

Imagine the worst possible cases a few weeks in advance, and compile them in a single document that your hostesses can then refer to. Train them so that they are able to answer all questions without continuously having to call you (you probably have other things to deal with!)
Trick: Count one hostess for every hundred guests


Perrine Abrard


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