BVS Best Venue in Scottsdale Event Venue’s Scottsdale

Knowing about cars is one thing, seeing them in the flesh is another 

BVS Best Venue in Scottsdale this prestigious venue will leave your guests spellbound and in awe of its surroundings, providing you with the wow factor every event needs.

Style, history, and America’s love affair with the automobile come to life at Vehicle Vault of Scottsdale

BVS Best Venue in Scottsdale believes that determination and hard work can change the course of one’s future.  Henry Ford changed the world with his innovative invention of the affordable automobile.  We want to support young people with the determination to change their lives in a positive direction. “Some men may succeed because they are destined to, but most men succeed because  they are determined to.” Henry Ford

We specialize in unexpected events 

We understand that planning an event for awards dinners with delicious décor, endless entertainment, and all the additional particulars can be very nerve-wracking. With over 10,000 square feet, soaring ceilings, and concrete floors this is the perfect setting for your next event. Our team of event planners will sit with you to listen to your vision. Give advice and recommendations, and most significantly make it a flawless and memorable event. BVS Best Venue in Scottsdale can accommodate up to 1000 people inside guests are sure to have an extraordinary experience in the spectacular venue amidst awe-inspiring vintage automobiles.

This dazzling and very private event venue is magnificent for hosting all types of corporate events. From lunches, sit down dinners, canapé receptions and film premieres to product launches, live music showcases, awards ceremonies and of course, fabulous holiday celebrations. An expert events team is on hand to ensure that everything is just perfect. The Scottsdale Automobile Museum inventory includes several antique & classic vehicles that are offered to enhance your company party, corporate event, wedding, anniversary, or another special event. In other words, no matter how special the seating arrangement, decorations or entertainment gets, the venue itself makes an event boring.

This is why there is a need to choose a more unique venue for events now. Thinking outside the norm can help you achieve an event that becomes a night for everybody to remember. Above all, while it is good to enjoy the creative juices flowing, it is also a good idea to consider the standards set by traditional venues in mind. The best practices for events have to be kept in check while going all out with your unique ideas.

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