Scottsdale Airport Hangars for Special Events

Scottsdale Airport Hangars for Special Events. There are very few things that are as exhilarating as hosting an event inside a Jet Hangar. With hangars as spacious and versatile as ours, visionary event organizers will be able to craft an impressive experience.

At SPEV you will find our Scottsdale airport hangars both uniquely extraordinary and able to adapt all of your event needs. Scottsdale Private Event Venues qualified and veteran event staff will assist you in all the phases of the event process, from early planning, handling the actual event, straight through to a smooth breakdown and loadout. We have a detailed awareness of event industry vendors and have reputable relationships with lighting, catering and sound companies, florists, rental companies, as well as full-service event production companies.

Social gatherings, professional events, SPEV offers a vibrant atmosphere to serve as the perfect backdrop for the innovative event planner.

From corporate meetings to intimate gatherings, SPEV offers an awe-inspiring setting for all kinds of special occasions. Our Scottsdale Hangars and our Phoenix Hangars are perfect for all types of events, from corporate gatherings to social functions.

Check out our hangars for creative live experiences that will surely leave an impression on your attendees.

So with a maximum capacity of 2,500, our heftiest hangar 32,000’ can be used for conventions, meetings, banquets you name it. Therefore the venue’s versatility and open space is every event planner’s dream. A dedicated event team is available to help with all on-site needs, including catering and AV services. With a capacity of up to 2,500, this venue is large enough for the biggest of event endeavors.


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