Security Measures for keeping event attendees safe

Security Measures for keeping event attendees safe

After the dreadful terrorists acts that we witnessed in Paris last year, security measures  for the attendees during events is top priority. Security control during events will become more strict with new technologies being incorporated as safety precautions. Drones could be a great solution when it comes to your event safety. Since they allow you maintaining a better overview of the event space (particularly over large areas). They will act as your security team’s additional pair of eyes assisting it in spotting easier and more quickly any incidents that may appear.

Allocating roughly 10 percent of an event’s cost should be enough. Just in case you need to dip into the fund to deal with an unforeseen circumstance. Items worth including are batteries, a bullhorn, a power source to charge phones. As well an emergency handbook, a phone tree and an asset management checklist. For future make sure cash, electronics and documents aren’t lifted during any chaos. Coordinating with the venue, local government and law enforcement officials beforehand is essential in planning
for contingencies.

Security Measures

Before your event begins, walk through the venue with your Venues of North Scottsdale personnel responsible for venue safety. Use a pre-event checklist, like the one provided, to make sure everything is in place and in working order. A documented safety check done before the event is important to prove you have done your part. As a result of more attendees, the emphasis should be on event safety. This is not to say that a boardroom meeting with 10 attendees doesn’t warrant any consideration of safety at all.

Meet our EMS team for events Med Events 911.  Statistics show a high percentage of medical incidents at Special Events don’t require the response from an ambulance or fire department. Our Special Event “medics” nearly eliminate the distraction or disruption that a 911 response can cause.



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