Take your Scottsdale Corporate Event to new heights

Take your Scottsdale Corporate Event to new heights

Let us help you host an event where guests can board a plane and take flight over the beautiful Scottsdale Skies! Our Hangars are suitable for a range of large-scale events, including gala dinners, product launches, conferences and exhibitions. Guests can be seated under the wings of fabulous Jets.

Most noteworthy Venues of North Scottsdale offers an all- inclusive event planning experience with unique spaces of all sizes.  I addition unlike other venues in Scottsdale, we can accommodate groups as large as 3,000 participants at several of our locations.  

For intimate gatherings choose from our smaller sites including mini airport hangars, private clubs or chef’s service on the tarmac of one of our runways. Since we offer all venues as Dry Hire, you can bring your own team. At night, our hangars become “private event-only” venues. Our event  specialists and chefs will entertain with epicurean proportions so great sharing is easy. Enjoy jaw dropping, taste bud tantalizing, sensory overloads we’ve served up. So indulge us with your next exclusive event.


A highly unique venue, our hangars are a dazzling, distinctive space ideally suited to host launches, gala dinners or team building events. Taking place around the iconic aircraft, the spaces can accommodate from 200 to 2500 people. It all makes for a very impressive event space. As a result space is contemporary and neutral in decor and also benefits from stunning views of the surrounding area. Our Hangars in Scottsdale sure to inspire your guests and patrons.

In addition with 40 feet ceilings and sparkling concrete floors you can get creative with lighting and decorating. Massive doors slide open to a expansive view of Scottsdale Arizona.

Finally your guests also have the option to fly to the event!


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