Wide Eyed Hotel Guests in your space

Wide Eyed Hotel Guests in your space lounging poolside a measly few yards away from your event? Or the ineffective attempts to spin the standard boring stage décor. Our collection of unique venues along with our creative event planning staff offer the utmost privacy and complete event customization.

Specialists can help you choose the right venue.

It will be the best fit for your next corporate event.  As a result, we will help you customize the space to fit your style with full event production.

Every space is unique in its size, flooring, height, location, and amenities. Once we understand the goals for your event, we can assist with the selection process to ensure your event lands in the right venue for your vision and is executed flawlessly. Your event built to order from the ground up!

Exclusive access, in-house capabilities, and extraordinary team make an experience like none other.

Offering unique venues and options such as world class catering + dynamic furniture, decor, and entertainment packages. You know us and our clients you just don’t realize it! We work with some of the world’s most well-known organizations who entrust us with their full-service events. Hence collaborating with you to create your vision, design your event and with flawless execution, we deliver! Therefore clients leave our events having experienced unparalleled excellence. You are only limited your imagination, not by what we can deliver.

Our venues are all on private land so addresses are not published. They are all opportunely positioned minutes from all the valley’s top resorts. We currently have 14 styles and sizes of Jet hangars 3500 sqft. to 35,000 sqft. Our purpose is to deliver high quality customized corporate events for the discerning client in our extraordinary Scottsdale locations.

Most noteworthy SPEV is made up of multiple venue options and a team of event industry professionals in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Especially relevant our exclusive access, in-house capabilities and extraordinary team make this venue experience like none other. Therefore each event will be carefully crafted and one of a kind. VNS is a team with the passion to exceed our clients’ expectations at every opportunity.


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