9 Meeting Breaks You’ve Got to Try

9 Meeting Breaks You’ve Got to Try

Get Peppy

Peppermint is known to help concentration and aid digestion. When at the Hilton West Palm Beach, try a Peppermint Bar for a mid-afternoon meeting break when energy is flagging. The Peppermint Bar menu includes peppermint-infused tea. As well dark chocolate, mints, hot chocolate, aroma spray, and more. (Depending on the time of day, the hotel also has mixologists on hand who can teach a class on how to make a peppermint-flavored martini.).

The 400-room resort has 24,000 square feet of indoor meeting space and 2,400 square feet of lawn space.

Furthermore meeting venues are always coming up with new ways to energize your attendees, help them bond with each other, or boost their meeting productivity. We’ve collected some recent ideas that have crossed our desk that could inspire your next agenda and get everyone through a long day of meetings with a smile.

Sit Up Straight

The JW Marriott Chicago is offering a handful of fitness-oriented meeting breaks for groups of up to 200 attendees. We like “posture perfect,” a 15-minute session teaching Pilates-based strength training movements. The exercises, which are easy to incorporate into anyone’s daily routine, focus on the core and back muscles to improve alignment and strong posture. The class is led by the Spa at JW Chicago, located inside the 610-room JW Marriott, which also offers 44,000 square feet of meeting space.

Shh…This One’s Secret

The Hilton New Orleans has a cozy, speakeasy-style piano lounge, Public Belt, “hidden” on its second floor. Get the secret word and use this space for a day’s-end break including a hands-on mixology class that begins with a lesson about the history of the cocktail, followed by an interactive demonstration of how to craft the city’s signature drink, the cognac-based Sazerac.

The Hilton New Orleans has more than 130,000 square feet of meeting space, a 90,000-square-foot spa, and 1,622 guest rooms.

For more of the ideas http://meetingsnet.com/food-beverage/9-meeting-breaks-youve-got-try#slide-2-field_images-64621

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