A Sketchy Idea for Your Next Event

A Sketchy Idea for Your Next Event A New York City-based company has put a digital twist on what historically has been a crowd-pleaser at gatherings—live caricatures. Drawing portraits on paper using charcoal, the artists at NY Drawing Booth do them on iPad Pros with Apple Pencils.
NY Drawing Booth is the brainchild of artist Elke Reva Sudin, who has found a unique way to blend her passion for drawing flash portraits with technology and social engagement. Her illustrators travel to corporate events around the nation, mingling with the crowds and creating two-minute portraits of individuals and couples.

The new technology offers some tangible benefits. At events, guests don’t have to lug the rolled paper portraits around with them all night, worrying that they will get crushed or lost. The artists’ shareable digital images can instantly be emailed, live-tweeted and/or projected at the event. Onsite printing of the 4-by-6-inch hand drawn images is also available. Companies can custom-brand the illustrations with logos or special backgrounds. The result is a modern and fun one-of-a-kind keepsake for attendees. nydrawingbooth.com

To add a spontaneous edge to your event, have a talented artists mingle with your nearest and dearest!

NY Drawing Booth provides sophisticated 2 minute portraits hand-drawn by top artists using the latest technology. Our artists mingle in your crowd adding surprise and excitement, leaving your guests with a gift they will not forget.

Hand-drawn, Instantly Shareable, Custom Branding, & On-Site Printing Available.

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