3 Powerful Ways to Get More Productive

3 Powerful Ways to Get More Productive these days we’re all overwhelmed with distractions, deadlines, expectations, technology, media, and messages. We want to do it all, be it all, see it all—all the time. Meeting planners in particular tend to have that 24/7, always on the go, prepare-for-the-worst-plan-for-the-best, how-can-I-make-it-perfect mindset. It’s part of what makes you great at what you do. You care about the outcome, the experience people will have, and the longevity of the message you’ll help to craft.

But even in our busy little hearts we know that we can’t be and do everything all the time. When we try, the things that matter most don’t end up getting get the attention they need.

The key to being our absolute best at anything is knowing that where your attention goes, your energy flows. Here are three powerful ways to harness your attention so it fuels that energy flow.

Embrace what matters.
Step away from all the distractions and noise and think about what really matters right now. Is it a project that needs your attention? A deadline? A contract? A client? A phone call? A friend? A partner? A child?

To give any one task our very best, we have to be fully present. I know, it’s not easy when our smart phones constantly ping us that we have emails, social media posts, and texts piling up. I promise you though, that with practice and focus, it gets easier.

When you come away from an amazing conversation with someone who had your complete attention, you’ll feel the shift. Every time you put down the phone to listen intently to the coach, speaker, or meeting moderator in front of you and absorb the information rather than “skimming” bits while checking your phone or doodling on your notepad, you’ll feel the shift.  Every time you put a child’s ball game or performance into your calendar and schedule your work around it, to truly engage and be there for them, you’ll feel the shift.

Honor your uniqueness.
Know what the very best version of yourself is. When we come from that place of knowing ourselves fully, we can use that information to work more efficiently, connect more effectively, and grow more authentically.

For example, you know you’re the kind of person who, if you need to knock out tasks like a rock star, has to start early. You know if you a need to take a 15-minute walk at 3 p.m. to clear the cobwebs and refocus. Know which types of clients you love to work with, and which ones fill you with anxiety and stress. You know if you’re a pick-up-the-phone person or a send-a-text person.

When you pay attention to the things that really make you tick (and by tick, I mean, the things that bring out the highest and best version of yourself), you can adapt your life and your days to accomplish more—and have more joy while you’re at it.

Conquer your world.
Choose to focus your attention and energy to deliver the results you are looking for. Just as a laser can cut through steel, when you create a laser-beam focus, you can accomplish almost anything.

Challenge yourself daily to look at what’s taking up those high-priority spaces on your task list and set the distractions aside to do what it takes to accomplish them. That means letting your calls go to voicemail for an hour, do it. If it means saving social media for later, do it. It means getting up two hours early or staying at it an extra hour later, do it. If it means calling up your spouse or partner and saying, “I need a little attention or time to talk, let’s find some time that works”—do that too.  Your world is what you make it—both personally and professionally.  When you train your focus on the things that matter and bring your best self to each moment, you can conquer your world in extraordinary ways.

Therefore Start today. Fuel the focus. Starve the distractions. Unplug a few things. Give priorities the top of your attention span. I’m here to help if you need it.

P.S. Are you ready to communicate and connect with others in a more meaningful, impactful way, but you still struggle to do so without involving technology? I invite you to consider these ideas that will communicate your message, increase your connection, and improve your relationships.

Author and Speaker, Neen James

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