Avoid These Biggest Production Mistakes Planners Make

Avoid These Biggest Production Mistakes Planners Make. The June 30 #Eventprofs Happy Hour, “Ask Me Anything About Event Production,” showcased more than just today’s hottest AV and production trends. Led by Adrian Segar, participant-led-conferences advocate, author, and facilitator extraordinaire, and featuring Brandt Krueger (owner, Event Technology Consulting), Christopher DeArmond (managing director, Freedom Event Services), and professional conference moderator Glenn Thayer.  They also delved into some of the biggest mistakes they see planners make when it comes to AV and production.

Use technology for technology’s sake

“If you’re using an LED wall, you need to put thought into the content that you want to use it for, not just use an LED wall because it sounds cool,” Brandt said. Another example: A lot of planners jumped on apps because every article they read said they needed an app, without thinking about how it would make attendees’, staff members—everyone’s—life easier, he said. You have to start by asking what will we get out of that technology to make it worthwhile, be it revenue, getting data on attendees, messaging, or just to make the stage set beautiful.

And younger generations of planners, while they may be pretty tech savvy, may not be any better at this than their elders, they said. They look at event technology like the meeting is a Michael Bay movie—“It’s all about the explosions and the glitz and the CGI, not how it integrates and amplifies the message,” said Glenn.

“We always ask why they’re holding the meeting” before we talk about the technology, Chris said. “Then we design the AV to support that—everything is tailored to the purpose.” Brandt added that he keeps on asking questions until he gets the information he needs to design effective AV for a meeting.

“Chris added, “There are no stupid questions except the one they didn’t ask. I always tell clients that.”

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