Scottsdale Private Event Venues Hangar Parties & Events

Unique, industrial chic event venue ideal private parties, incentive events, experiential events, fundraisers, photo shoots and so much more.
Unlike anything you have experienced
Sometimes it’s those little variations you add to small details of your event that change experiences
Unforgettable events are about an experience
Our event team has decades of experience planning memorable events. We are dedicated to helping our clients host successful events that strengthen their brand.
Our hangars one of Arizona’s most unique luxury event spaces
Gorgeous Classy Sings Like a ROCKSTAR
Our love is truly extraordinary events
Product launches are an exhilarating time for any company and finding the right venue to reveal your newest conception is very important.
Incentive Events
Don’t be frightened to take a gamble when it comes to designing an industrialized venue – exposing your personality and creating the space is what’s going to build your event and make it unforgettable.
Cool Car Venues
Style, history, and America’s love affair with the automobile come to life at multiple car Vaults in Scottsdale
Premium, High-Class Events
We know what it takes to create a stunning incentive event. We have the necessary experience to understand your needs, we design, plan and organize corporate events, in our own private venues.
Extraordinary & Unique Events
From the entrance of the first guest to the exit of the last, we want their experience to be unforgettable.
Corporate Event Entertainment
Unforgettable Experiences Matter, Get Valuable Ideas, Strategy, Skills and Results. Possibly the most important decision an event planner can make that will affect the event’s outcome would be the venue.
Creating A Lasting Impression
We have impeccable detail with playful creativity to create one-of-a-kind experiences.
Production at its best
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Beyond the Boardroom

SPEV is made up of multiple venue options within the Scottsdale Executive Airport in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our exclusive access, in-house capabilities, and extraordinary team make this venue experience like none other. We offer unique venues and options such as world-class catering + dynamic furniture, decor and entertainment packages if needed. Each event is carefully crafted and one of a kind. Enjoy a corporate theme like "Come Fly With Me" to create the perfect setting for your fabulous event.
Christmas Parties
Wrap Parties
Blank Canvas Venues
Luxury Event Planner
Unique Event Venues
Experiential Events
Product Activations
Private Unique Venues
Luxury Events
Corporate Event Planning
Design + Decor
Unique Cocktail Service
Brand Launches
Interactive Experiences
Incentive Events
Helicopter Arrivals
Company Milestones
Donor Appreciation
Celebrity Chefs
Corporate Anniversaries
Holiday Parties
Award Ceremonies
Exotic Food Experiences
Private Events
Private Chefs and 5 Caterers
Client Receptions
Social Activations
Live Entertainment
Milestone Events
Corporate Christmas Parties
Black Tie Gala Dinners
Full-service Meeting Planning

Why a Blank Slate Venue Is the Perfect Canvas

Scottsdale Hangar Parties comprises multiple venue options within the Scottsdale Executive Airport in Scottsdale, Arizona. Whether for corporate meetings, product launches, pop-ups, private parties, tech events, or gala dinners, SPEV’s versatile structure ensures it can seamlessly accommodate a broad spectrum of event types. Scottsdale Hangar Events regularly hosts high-exposure pop-ups and product launches for leading fashion, streetwear, tech, and liquor brands.  Our specialists can help you choose the right hangar that will be the best fit for your next corporate event and can help you customize the space to fit your style with full event production from the ground to the ceiling.

Imagine a venue that transforms based on your vision

Organizing corporate events in unique, out-of-the-way spaces can be a great way to add a touch of luxury and exclusivity to the event. A beacon of sophistication in Scottsdales North End, offers a distinctive venue for events. Whether you’re planning a product launch, networking event, or corporate event, our corporate event planners craft events tailored to your specific needs. From custom décor to delicious cuisine, they can help create a memorable event to help you achieve your corporate goals. Hangar Party Scottsdale

Gone are the days of traditional venues dominating the scene

Scottsdale Hangar Events is positioned as a go-to choice for organizing brand launches, company celebrations, and private parties. This signals your expertise and specialization in curating these types of events. A popular space for corporate parties, incentive events, press launches, pop-ups, warehouse highly inspired birthday parties (for those with the budget), and corporate events. This collection of venues offers a vast array of event spaces. Offering a one-stop shop for sourcing your next event space, we can assist you in finding the perfect venue, be it a fine dining experience, a corporate meeting or conference, a private celebration, or a team-building activity. 

Spaces that adapt to your needs

The emphasis on blank canvas venues highlights your spaces’ adaptability and potential for customization. This allows clients to transform the space according to their unique vision and event requirements. Encouraging clients to have an accurate visualization of their events suggests that you’re ready to work collaboratively to bring their ideas to life. This partnership approach enhances the overall planning process. Hangar Events in Scottsdale

Venues that leave you wanting more

From corporate events and Brand Launches to corporate receptions and Christmas parties, the possibilities are endless. This promotes a sense of ownership and involvement. Describing your event venues as a “blank canvas” conveys a sense of limitless possibilities for event design. It also indicates that you’re dedicated to making each event stand out and memorable. Scottsdale Large Party Venues

It’s all in the details 

The focus on crafting the right feeling and mood aligns with the concept of tailoring the event space to evoke the desired emotions and ambiance. Our venues are adaptable and can host events of varying scales and purposes. With connections to the hottest venues and the most sought-after vendors, Our events team plans and executes events that will amaze you and your guests. Clients choose Scottsdale Private Events as their event architects thanks to our reputation for originality, attention to detail, and personal service. Scottsdale Private Event Planning specializes in designing, planning, and creating once-in-a-lifetime parties. The company used to be Venues of North Scottsdale  Scottsdale Hangar Events Scottsdale Private Event Venues
Hangar Parties & Events 

Corporate Events & Milestones

Adaptable space allows you to create an immersive experience for your guests so that you can blast off your product or service confidently. Honoring a milestone such as hitting the 10th-anniversary mark or launching your first IPO is an exceptional way to re-energize your players. Recognizing your team members for their hard work is also important. Personnel valued for their efforts are also motivated to perform better with elevated productivity levels. Additionally, observing milestones allows you to include your customers and let them know how appreciated their business is. 

 Activations Product Launches & Pop-Up Events

To nail that flawless brand activation, you need to establish a space for clients to intermingle with your product and connect with your brand on an unfathomable level.  It’s not just about getting them to come to your event for a unique experience; it’s about imprinting your brand in their memory and introducing your products or services into the buyer’s journey. Make Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Scottsdale Hangar Parties your product launch venue of choice. SPEV venues host pop-ups and product launches for trending fashion, luxury streetwear, and premium liquor brands. Pop-up events allow you to link with your target audience and business owners.

A Perfect blank slate for your next event 

Planning events with Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Hangar Parties is undoubtedly exciting. However, pulling together your dream celebration can lead to more than your fair share of anxiety and many sleepless nights. With Scottsdale Private Event Venues doing all the event planning, you can devote yourself to your guests and celebrate like the rockstar you are. The Scottsdale Hangar Events Venue team strives to instill this essence in each event, which sets us apart from our competitors. With all the places you might have held parties to make them more exciting one after the other, we are sure that there is one place you have not tried yet. 

Holiday Parties up to 1500 people

Tis the season to be jolly, and what could be merrier than a fabulous than our unique action stations of fabulous food and a spin around our dancefloor? Scottsdale Hangar Events Venue offers festive themes, mesmerizing entertainment, exquisite food and drinks, and exceptional service. Finding a Holiday party event venue in Scottsdale is no mean feat. So we’ve taken the pain out of it; we have twelve assorted venues. Unforgettable events need iconic venues, which is why we do what we do. We produce events of all sizes, abilities, and tastes. Whether a 500-person night or just 200 of your best friends, we will make every holiday party experience special.

Creative design, flawless execution

With loads of vendors and people to synchronize, events can quickly become a full-time job – not perfect when most of you already have one! Once you know your audience and their preferences, please search for the venues with Scottsdale Hangar Events Venue that suit them.  A corporate event can boost morale by breaking up the monotony of day-to-day operations and giving employees something to look forward to. SPEV has hosted numerous events in aircraft hangars over the past few years. All of these events have been smashing hits. You would be surprised at how well-received the initial reactions to a party inside an aircraft hangar can be. Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Scottsdale Hangar Parties 

Amazing Experience You Will Never Forget

Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Hangar Parties are versatile, unique event spaces that can host any event from 100 to 1000, or we can use yours!  These urban, edgy venues make a bold statement and bring guests together in fresh and exciting ways. People get energy from event content, great entertainment, and their surroundings. Spaces with distinctive elements will surprise and delight guests and can create great conversation pieces.  It all begins with creative planning.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Scottsdale Hangar Parties 

We Place a High Value On Client Satisfaction

Corporate parties are excellent for thanking and inspiring your biggest asset – your people. Our goal is to help individuals and brands host their guests most pleasantly. Our team specializes in event management and will work with you every step of the way. Therefore providing a cohesive strategy and full support of your luxury event from concept to execution. Catering, décor, rental, transportation, logistics, and consultation services round out the company’s full-service event planning and production support, relieving event planners who often source these services from multiple providers when renting traditional offsite venues.

We Are Committed To Providing The Best Results For Our Clients

Our attitude lies within the composition of events united with creativity, logistics management, and organizational capacity. Our specialty exclusive hangar parties, milestone birthdays, brand launches, company anniversaries, private chef’s dinners,  sophisticated boys’ nights, opulent ladies’ nights, and A high-class luxury Experience. Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Hangar Parties has multiple venues at our fingertips for that! More wonderful venues have opened their doors for Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Hangar Parties over the years than anyone else in Arizona. We’ve created outstanding corporate parties for many global brands, including NFL, GE, MLB, Accenture, and more. Scottsdale Private Event Venues & Hangar Parties 

Quality Service Is A Top Priority In This Workforce

Exclusive Lifestyle Events manages every detail of your personal and business events to leave a profound impression on your guests. With locations as flexible as ours, the scope for producing striking and memorable events is endless. Scottsdale Private Event venues have hosted everything from experiential experiences to corporate seminars, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to helping our clients achieve their vision. Our in-house events team has extensive experience and contacts in food, entertainment, production, video, and decor.

Scottsdale has an unparalleled standard of Luxury

Meetings are part of day-to-day life for most of us. Whether in a stale conference room or hanging around the employee kitchen, there are many places we congregate to debate relevant matters. Our venue has your guests surrounded by an exciting city. The venue lends itself perfectly to customization. Opportunities to add your branding and theming mean this is a space you can easily make your own. We pride ourselves on producing an unrivaled experiential package and providing genuinely unforgettable moments for all guests. At Scottsdale Private Event Venues, we understand the significance of throwing unforgettable events that have an outstanding impact on corporations and their events.

A gastronomic journey with custom created chef drive menu’s

We take absolute pride in operating exclusively with clients to produce striking, sophisticated, and delicious food. Luxury parties pair best with luxury cuisine, and we have the best catering partners to make this happen for your beautiful evening at Scottsdale Hangar Parties! We take your corporate or social party to the next level with extravagant and delicious culinary art. Our mission is to create unforgettable events with exceptional service. Given our wide-ranging experience in this industry, we would be happy to direct you through all the essential preparations with our vendors. SPEV is continuously accessible to help with vendor choices and will provide direction to help accomplish perfect events.

Let’s Talk Corporate Events

Bringing individuals simultaneously to inspiring event venues is how ideas roll. When folks meet in person, they shake hands, hug and share conversations it creates inspiration and innovations. When the official part ends, they can mingle in groups, have fun, and make friends. This comfortable collaboration leads to lasting relationships— company friendships. This is what happens when people meet face-to-face. Our corporate party planning service includes everything you need to deliver a seamless experience and a fantastic time for your teams.

Each of our private venues offers an exceptional experience. 

Unlike other venues in Scottsdale, we can accommodate groups as large as 2,000 participants at several locations.   For intimate gatherings, please choose from our smaller sites, including mini airport hangars, private clubs, or chef’s service on the tarmac of one of our runways. Scottsdale is the most visited city in the Southwest and one of the most dynamic cities on the planet. From its fabulous parks and museums to its world-class dining, shopping, entertainment, and hotels, it has everything you (and your guests!) could want—including a long list of unique event venues.


Details of your event change experiences

The Scottsdale Private Event Venues and Scottsdale Hangar Parties team have decades of experience planning memorable events. We are dedicated to helping our clients host successful events that strengthen their brands. Scottsdale Hangar Parties features an impressive assortment of hangar venues, has proven a desirable reputation, and has become a leader, producing extraordinary moments for its clients, one event at a time. If it is down to coming to your event versus another party, guests might select yours based on our unique venue. They may be more fascinated by going to a place they don’t get to see daily. 

Scottsdale Corporate Event Venues 

Personal Connections: In-person interactions allow for non-verbal cues, body language, and facial expressions that facilitate better understanding and communication. These subtle nuances are often lost in virtual interactions.

Inspiration and Innovation: Meeting in person within an inspiring event venue can spark creativity and innovation. A different environment can lead to fresh perspectives and ideas that might not emerge during routine work activities.

Networking: Face-to-face events provide opportunities for networking that go beyond formal discussions. Informal conversations during breaks, meals, or social activities can lead to valuable connections and collaborations.

Relationship Building: Sharing personal experiences and conversations beyond the official agenda helps build authentic relationships. These connections can translate into stronger partnerships and collaborations in the future.

Events we love Non-Profit Events, Wrap Parties, Pop Ups, Experiential Events, Product Activations, Private Luxury Events, Brand Launches, Interactive Experiences, Incentive Events, Ceremonies & receptions. Company Milestones, Donor Appreciations
Celebrity Chefs, Corporate Anniversaries, Couture Fashion Shows, Group Experiences, Award Ceremonies, Exotic Food Experiences, Private Events
Private Chefs and 5 Caterers , Client Receptions, Social Activations, Live Entertainment, Milestone Events, Corporate Christmas Parties, Black Tie Gala Dinners and Charity Events.
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