Know What You Want! Select a Venue That Meets Your Needs

Know What You Want! Select a Venue That Meets Your Needs Venues of North Scottsdale

Best Venue For Your Event


What is your ideal event budget and how much are you willing to spend for your “dream venue”?  When coming up with this magic number, determine if the venue will also be providing food and beverage, entertainment, music or decorations so you can allocate your funds accordingly.  This will help you pick the best venue for your event.

Number of Guests

Most venues have minimums and also – by law – have maximum capacities.  Where do you fit?  Avoid selecting a venue that may be too large for your group if you must meet a minimum requirement.  But also be wary of choosing a facility that may be too small to accommodate your guests, which may lead to overcrowding.  Like Goldilocks and The Three Bears – you don’t want it too big, you don’t want it too small…you want it to be just right.

Senior Board Meeting or Celebration?

What type of event are you hosting?  Is it a formal business event or a casual business gathering?

 Is it a 50th birthday party celebration or a bridal shower?  Determining the type of event and the mood will help you choose the best venue for that desired ambience. Keep an open mind – creative decorations can transform a plain room into something spectacular.  Just be sure to include any decoration costs in your budget.

Location, Location, Location

As a result consider the mode of transportation your guests will be using to get to the event.  If attendees are arriving via airplane, how far is the venue from the airport?  Is there a free shuttle available?  If mass transit will be utilized, how convenient is it to reach the facility?  Know your audience and select a venue in a location that best suits their needs.


If your attendees will be driving to the event, check if there is ample parking in the immediate lot.   Do they offer valet parking?  Do you need it?  Ask if they provide space for overflow parking and be sure the facility can accommodate the accessibility needs of your guests.

Services and Amenities

What services and amenities do you require for your function?  Will you be using the venue for a meeting only and guests will go elsewhere for dining?  If so, find out what is available nearby or within walking distance.  If there are activities and services your guests may need in conjunction with the event, be sure the venue has them available either onsite or close by.  Unless guests will be lodged at the venue and everything will be handled on premises, avoid selecting a site that is tucked out of the way; it can be a hassle for guests to travel offsite.

Experience it Yourself

So with that said visit the venue you are considering and observe a similar event.  Experience the flow of traffic throughout the facility, notice the attentiveness of the staff, take in the overall feel of the venue.  This is a great way to get a real sense of whether a particular location may suit your needs.

Therefore have you considered how easy the venue is to access:

  1. storage
  2. local resources
  3. technology needs
  4. additional amenities (that may or may not be included in the package price

For example, if one location includes all the tables and chairs as well as the set-up and clean-up of the event that may be a better value than having to pay for all of those services separately at another event venue.

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