How Use of QR Codes Can Streamline Your Events?

How QR Codes Can Streamline Your Events?

The unprecedented technological progress has changed the modus operandi of everything that we do in our professional/personal and individual/collective lives. If we exclusively talk about event management, then lots of it has been changed in the last decade or so. From project mapping to smart lighting and live streaming, events are nothing like the way they were, say, 20 years ago.

In this blog, we are extending the discussion of technological imprint on event management. So, we are going to discuss a technological feature that can be used in events in different capacities. We are talking about QR (quick-response) codes here. It is the digital extension of conventional bar codes. QR codes actually make a link between the physical and digital world and can also be used to streamline event management, let’s see how.

Incorporating QR Codes in Your Event

There are three distinct ways in which one can use QR codes in event management.

1) Printed Collateral

There was a time when printed collaterals got all the information that attendees needed about an upcoming event. Now online and digital space has made printed collaterals somewhat obsolete. Nonetheless, you can reinvent the printed collaterals by adding QR codes to them.

Make a QR code of your event page or website and embed it in the printing collaterals that you are going to distribute. With cell phone in every hand, you can make sure that every person getting a QR code-containing collateral can add up to the online impressions pertaining to your event.

2) On Large-Format Advertising

If you are going to promote your event through large-format advertising (billboards, bus/train ads), then try to make the most of it i.e. add a QR code to them. Passersby who are intrigued by the event can get more information regarding it by scanning the QR code. Again, you can ensure more traction on your event page by adding QR to the mix of conventional physical advertising.

3) For Streamlining Check-in Process

Check-ins at the ticketed events can turn into a whole lot of mess if not managed properly. QR codes can help in making event entry a hassle-free activity. You can make unique QR tickets for every attendee. At the entry, you can quickly authenticate and track down the attendees that have arrived. It’s a cheap solution to deal with ticket duplications and frauds. In a similar manner, participants of the event can also be issued QR passes for better coordination.

Using QR Code

Making QR codes is as easy as it gets. You can easily make QR codes of your choice on your own without spending a buck. The camera is able to scan QR codes in the majority of cell phones. Otherwise, there are many free QR code scanning apps that can be used.

As you can see, the use of QR codes in event management is an economical and effective way to digitize and streamline the entire process. With state-of-the-art venues of Scottsdale Hanger Parties (SHP) and with its long list of event amenities, your next corporate event can be a smash hit.

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