The Basics of a Post-Event Corporate Reception

The Basics of a Post-Event Corporate Reception

Gone are the days when week-long workshops and full-day networking sessions were used to end with bland Q/A sessions and product launches. Now, organizations try to make the most of such opportunities to market themselves. This is the reason why the niche of “post-event receptions” has formed. Companies throw a party for its staff and attendees after any corporate event and engagement that stays less formal.

The idea of giving such post-event corporate receptions is to make sure everyone goes home with a cheerful mood. If you are also going to extend your corporate event to such a happy note, then read on. We are going to discuss some of the basics that you need to take care of in order to organize a successful post-event reception.

Change the Venue

It would be better if you have that post-event reception held somewhere else. Attendees will definitely like to experience a new place after staying for an entire day and sometimes many working days in the same place. It would be better if you sort this post-event venue in advance. Try to work with a company that can offer you all sorts of venues. This way, you will be able to choose different locations for the main event/ workshop/conference and post-event chill-out.

Don’t Fix the Itinerary of the Post-Event Reception

You need to differentiate between your more formal main corporate engagement and less formal post-reception event. Setting a tight itinerary will only dissuade people from attending it. If you don’t want to hear excuses from many attendees that they couldn’t attend the post-event reception for some “reason,” then keep it “no-pressure zone.”

Make sure both participants from outside and your own team can enjoy their time instead of keep on thinking about networking. The post-reception should be a gathering where people should interact with each other without the pretext of “business.”

Lighting and Music Should Be on Point

Giving your post-event reception a slight look of “club partying” won’t harm anyone. A  DJ playing live music and lighting dancing around— such improvements will surely make your post-event reception a hit among all the relevant people. Here too, you need to work with an event contractor that can fulfill your varied entertainment requirements.

Luckily, you can find such a contractor in Arizona that can arrange all sorts of live music for your event. From country to jazz and electronic to pop, you can hire live acts for your post-event celebration via them.

Add a Dash of Interactive Entertainment

Having interactive entertainment in your post-event reception will be a cherry on top. Getting served by an aerial bartender is definitely going to cheer your guests. Similarly, set up a stall for local wine or cheese tasting to make things more interactive and interesting.

A company like Scottsdale Private Event Venues can help you in arranging all the details of a post-event corporate reception. They can offer you a lot of venue options along with top-quality catering and ample entertainment services at very reasonable rates.

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