Craving something new…Micks Place Scottsdale private event venue

Are you craving something extraordinary, entirely unique, and extremely elegant for your next corporate or business event? 

Sure to take your guest’s experience to new heights. SPEV’s expert Event Experts will team with you to make your event flawless. As stated, Micks Place Private Event Venue Scottsdale is an event planner’s dream! Micks Place Scottsdale creates exceptional experiences from the ground up, driven by the lust and love for all things automobile! Our exclusive venue is for the client who is primed for something distinctive. The flexibility of our spaces provides a unique canvas for your event planning.

For Instance, A Blank Canvas Means No Limits 

Convenient location in the heart of Scottsdale with easy access to freeways, airports, and fabulous resorts.

Micks Place Scottsdale Event Venue Scottsdale offers a thrilling and unique backdrop of a collection of over 20 stunning classics and cars for a range of events, including receptions, launches, celebrations, and more.

Seasoned event experts to personally guide you every step of the way, from initial planning to event wrap-up. Exotic, exhilarating, and elegant for your event needs─ small, large, indoor, outdoor, or a combination of all!

We passionately pursue fine automobiles that embody the rich heritage they deserve. Corporate events are ever more drawn to unique sites that offer both privacy and maximum personalization, including an event experience in a memorable locale that guarantees long-lasting positive associations with your program.

For example, whether your event is a large extravaganza or a small intimate gathering, we deliver the highest level of personal attention to every detail. Planning an important corporate meeting or event? Looking for the perfect wedding venue? Want the ideal place to host your private party, gala, or Scottsdale Corporate Event?  Look no further than Micks Place Scottsdale!

Meeting planners are starting to convey the image of the pop-up concept to their events, introducing one-of-a-kind occasion experiences in warehouses, hangars, converted factories, and luxury showrooms. The advantages of hosting an attention-grabbing live event include enhanced brand perception, amplified word-of-mouth marketing, and improved guest engagement.

This dazzling and very private event venue is magnificent for hosting all types of corporate events. From lunches, sit-down dinners, canapé receptions, and film premiere to product launches, live music showcases, awards ceremonies, and fabulous holiday celebrations. An expert events team is on hand to ensure that everything is just perfect. Mick’s Place of Scottsdale has one-of-a-kind cars in its inventory, including several classic vehicles which are offered to enhance your company party, corporate event, wedding, anniversary, or another special event. In other words, no matter how special the seating arrangement, decorations or entertainment gets, the venue itself makes an event boring.

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