Proxfinity’s CUE™ Smart Badges. Better Connections.

Data-Driven Event
Engagement For Everyone

…For Meetings

Because you’re running an event, you’re often blind until people show up to register. Above all, that’s why we invented social hardware.

Proxfinity’s CUE™ and SaaS platform give organizers unparalleled ability to design, manage, and measure events.

Therefore our fast profiling, reprogrammable hardware and lack of dependence on downloaded apps mean nearly 100% participation in pre-event interaction.

Due to CUE’s real-time data collection and LED screens to mean that messages and sponsor branding can be delivered and tracked in real-time. Allowing event heat mapping and traffic management – all from an intuitively designed dashboard. Because we have been hard at work finding ways to extend our platform. People can use Proxfinity to foster meaningful connections in the world behind screens. In addition check out our latest features and let us know if we can help bring a sense of community to your virtual workplace. #videoconferencing #virtualworkplace #coronavirus

Introducing the Social Hardware for Business Platform 

The Proxfinity CUE™ is the only smart badge linked to a SaaS back-end that improves the event experience before, during and after a meeting.

With a  form factor thinner than a smartphone and lighter than a pad of sticky notes, the CUE™ puts just the right amount of social into professional – helping people connect and bond easily and naturally.

Reprogrammable. Reusable. Reliable – with three days of battery life.

Furthermore, how do you get 18 days worth of team building in a few hours and build bridges between different employee groups? Let us show you. #socialhardware #wearables

Part of the challenge of inclusion is a challenge that’s also innately built into every social interaction – being creatures of habit and sticking with what we know. But how can we break that cycle? Read on to find out. #socialhardware #wearables

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