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Benefits of Having Your Company Holiday Party in January

Benefits of Having Your Company Holiday Party in January.

Have you considered the possibility of hosting a holiday party in January, after the holiday rush has ended? While this may sound unusual, more and more businesses are choosing to hold off on their hosting duties until after Christmas and New Years have passed. Here are a few reasons why:

Everyone tends to be stressed out during the holidays

Having your company holiday party in January when everyone is around can be a much better experience than having it when only a few people can attend.

People are traveling to see family, going on vacations and splitting their time between several holiday parties. If your guest lists includes celebrity honorees or high-ranking CEOs, attempting to fit into their busy schedules may be hopeless.

Your colleagues are being pulled in a thousand different directions between work and their personal lives. While holiday parties are a great time, everyone could use some breathing room in December.

A rocking January company party will give you an opportunity as a manager to go a step beyond a simple thank you for a job well done

A January company party is a bit more inclusive for those of your employees who might not celebrate Christmas.

Attempting to book your venue of choice during the holiday season can take you right out of the Christmas spirit.  Even if you are able to book a spot on an off night. Finding a date that works for all of your guests, vendors, and the venue can be tricky.

In January, venues will likely be less expensive, which means you can save money, or double down on your food and beverages.

Let’s face it, for most of us, January is a pretty boring month. Give your employees something to look forward to after the craziness of the holidays has died down. #imwithjanuary #makejanuarygreatagain

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