Hottest Trend: Industrial-Style Spaces

Hottest Trend: Industrial-Style Spaces. Industrial-style spaces are one of this year’s biggest trends in the events industry. These edgy venues make a bold statement and bring guests together in new and exciting ways. Exposed brickwork, steel beams and original fixtures (complete with peeling paint) make an authentic backdrop for a thoroughly urban affair. In this article, we take a look at the top five reasons industrial-style spaces are the perfect place for relaxed family weddings as well as cutting-edge corporate experiences.

Industrial venues are bursting with character and have colourful histories that help generate buzz around an event. These spaces are in high demand for parties, exhibitions and corporate events. An unusual venue, like a warehouse, studio or loft, completely transforms guests’ perception of an event and helps make it more memorable.

Spaces that Stand Out from the Pack

With the industrial chic wedding trend showing no signs of abating. Warehouse venues are proving to be an increasingly popular place to tie the knot. The juxtaposition between a formal event and an industrial-style space? Perfect for brides who want to break the mold or stamp their own style on their special day. Revamped warehouse spaces or light-filled lofts are a breeze. Personalise and make the perfect backdrop for an urban cool wedding.

Industrial-style spaces are also ideal for product launches. After all, a great product deserves a great venue that really packs a punch. When it comes to hiring a venue for a product launch. An industrial-style space that grabs the attention of industry experts or reviewers could make all the difference to a product’s success.

A Blank Canvas Means No Limits

Experiential events are growing in popularity and are well-suited to industrial-style spaces. Event planners are beginning to bring the creativity of the pop-up concept to their events. Hosting one-of-a-kind event experiences in warehouses, garages and converted factories. Great benefits of hosting an attention-grabbing experiential event include improved brand perception, increased word-of-mouth marketing and better attendee engagement.

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