Planning the Perfect Corporate Christmas Party

Planning the Perfect Corporate Christmas Party

Is everyone in your office always talking about that one Christmas party that was so great? Or maybe
they’re complaining about having to attend the same boring party again this holiday season. Either way,
if the burden of planning this year’s party has fallen on your shoulders, we are here to help you out!

Your company could be anywhere from a few dozen to hundreds of people, so you need to plan the
party accordingly. Once you have the budget in place, you know you have to follow the standard
protocol of hiring a caterer and setting up a bar according to the number of people attending.
Here are a few other important details that may help you plan the perfect party:

Get Feedback on Previous Parties

The first step to planning a corporate Christmas party is getting feedback on previous ones. Get a feel of
what people generally liked and disliked over the last couple of years. You might find a common dislike
of a certain caterer, the entertainment or the general look and feel of the party.
You’ll know what to avoid when planning your party. In the same way, maybe everyone liked the food at
a certain holiday party. Your life will be made easier because you can just hire the same caterer!

Choose the Right Team

Choosing the right team to help you execute your ideas is so important! If you have someone on your
team that is not a team player or isn’t taking their role seriously, it can be quite tough to get the results
you want.

Instead of focusing your energy on the party, you will be focusing on trying to communicate with this
person and trying to get their work done for them. Build a team of like-minded people that are all
enthusiastic to complete the tasks at hand; you’ll work more efficiently and with less friction.

Choose a Theme

If you’re wondering why to choose a theme when Christmas is a theme on its own, it’s just to add that
extra oomph and help you streamline décor. By deciding a theme, you are avoiding the mishmash of
multiple ideas that can look tacky.

Maybe your holiday party could be themed “Christmas in Winter Wonderland”, that way you know
everything will be snowy and blue with fairy lights. You can add a few hints of holly to tie in Christmas,
but you’ll have a much cleaner looking party. If you have a more casual workplace, maybe you want to
try a more creative party theme like “Christmas in Pajamas” – either way, get the general feel of your
work environment and decide accordingly.

Pick a Venue

Don’t just have an office party at the office! Make it more exciting by booking a venue, so it doesn’t feel
like you’re going to work. A great place to book is a hangar venue. Hangar venues give you a blank slate;
you get to build your party exactly how you want it. It won’t look or feel like anything before – your
colleagues are going to love the uniqueness of the event. If you’re in the Scottsdale, AZ area, you can
book a hangar here.

Hire the Right Entertainment

This one goes back to getting feedback of previous parties. Your office staff, as a whole, will have a
certain preference of what kind of entertainment they enjoy. This could be a live rock band or a DJ that
plays Top 40 songs all night. Maybe they will enjoy a 90’s cover band. Either way, get a general
consensus before booking the entertainment.

A Surprise Element

Throw the crowd a curveball with a surprise element. Your surprise can be as small as a themed cocktail
that’s named after something in your office or even a karaoke machine. If you have a large portion of
your budget left over, maybe hire a special entertainer or have an extremely creative photo booth. The
aim is to have an element that people will remember and talk about when they leave the party!
With this guide, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas party. Happy Holidays!

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