5 Ways to Organize the Large Party or Event

5 Ways To Organize the Large Party or Event Thrown at Your Home

5 Ways to Organize the Large Party or Event Thrown at Your HomePlanning an event at your home, such as family reunions, retirement parties, milestone birthdays, and business events, necessitates a great deal of forethought and organization. You should take into account the reason for the event, the size of the crowd, and the safety issues you may encounter before deciding to hold the party or event at home. If you’ve found yourself in the position of party planner and you don’t know where to start, consider the five tips below (presented by Scottsdale Private Event Venues) to help you get your ideas and budget in order.

Choose a Date and Work Backward

If this is the first time you’ve planned a large-scale event, consider working backward from your date to simplify the process and give yourself easy deadlines. For example, if you’re planning a backyard birthday during the summertime, work with them to find the perfect date and focus on what you need to accomplish before then. The caterer and any live entertainment will likely need to be booked months in advance.

Use Project Management Software

While you may not be creating and planning an event with a profit in mind, using professional project management software such as Trello or Monday.com can help you seamlessly organize your budget, your task list, and your calendar from one convenient, centralized location. The right software can also allow you to add others, such as caterers, DJs, and friends who are helping you plan the event.

Make Cleaning a Priority

Events at home can be extremely tricky to plan due to the fact that you live there. This is where giving your home a deep cleaning comes into play. For example, a good rule of thumb to follow is to clean the home like you’re going to sell it. This will include a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning, as well as perhaps a little maintenance to your yard. Decluttering and any light repair work should be included on this list as well.

Delegate Tasks and Chores

If you’re using project management software — or even a simple digital note on your phone — to organize your large home-based event, delegate tasks by looping in your most organized loved ones and friends. For example, if you’re planning your daughter’s Quinceanera, you may want to enlist your spouse or her siblings to help you with a few of the checklist’s items.

Ask for Help

Finally, if you feel that you’re in over your head, ask for help — including from Scottsdale Private Event Venues. Organized friends, family members, and professional event planners can lend a hand by helping you understand what needs to be done, regulate your budget, and contact other professionals such as caterers, DJs, and florists who are involved in the planning of your event.

Choosing to throw a party or host a large event at your home can have several perks, including creating a cherished memory with family members in one of your favorite places. It may seem difficult at first to complete your long to-do list, but with the right organizational strategies and helpful people by your side, you’re sure to plan a party your whole family will remember for years to come. 

We can work with you to design and plan any event that requires a celebration to create an incredible experience for everyone involved. With a sophisticated eye for detail and creative resourcefulness, we create naturally elegant and exquisitely planned LUXURY Events for high-level and refined clientele.



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Aaron May – Adam Allison – Ashley Goddard – Jeff Kraus

Our portfolio of venues offers discretion and customization impossible to achieve in most restaurants. Enjoy a five-star dining experience for your next business meeting, corporate event, launch, milestone birthday party, or anything in between.

You can have the opportunity to tap into your creative side, working spoon-to-spoon with our Chefs. Your culinary experience can be anything from corporate team-building day to a fantastic five-course tasting dinner in one of our venues.

SPEV brings chefs from the world’s top restaurants to host intimate dinners in unique spaces.

Events include collaborative cooking demonstrations, Celebrity Chef book signings, Q&A gatherings, cuisine and wine pairings, five-course tasting menus, and more. All program features can be tailored to fit our client’s goals, including location (we have 14 private venues), menu, theme, branding, décor, gifts, and the ability to ensure a successful event. To ensure a memorable event, people can leave with mementos such as autographed cookbooks, signed recipe cards, and branded aprons or cutting boards. Curated Celebrity Chef Experiences

Our Curator Robert Defibaugh

Curated Celebrity Chef ExperiencesWe create a working environment where individuals can express themselves through their food and their interpretation of menus that we custom-create to make the customers’ experiences unique and memorable. I just stumbled into the catering business. Felt there was space and zero barriers to entry- I worked for a few other catering operations and learned a lot.

Curated Celebrity Chef ExperiencesWe interview our clients separately and find out about their previous experiences with food and what made memorable experiences for them- and use that information to create a new a different experience so they can be proud to present themselves through our catering and food service. Every day has different locations, new menus, and new chefs. It’s my job and focuses on making it smooth, anticipating what could go wrong, and having an alternative solution. I’m fortunate to have some great employees who prioritize every customer.

I’m incredibly proud of the team that we have put together at United Catering. Most recently, we were chosen by Tony Robbins’ team as a brand leader and were offered a free seminar led by his lieutenant for us to understand that it’s progress that creates excellence and that change doesn’t necessarily produce any fruit without progress. At United Catering and the Legion, my focus is on quality ingredients. The techniques that my chefs utilize are sound. Therefore, it’s all about using unique ingredients and service execution to make the food stand above. I’m most proud when my staff takes each event as seriously as I do; we recognize that events are about people and that the food is secondary yet still important.

Love Aaron May us too, so let’s see what he can cook up for your next event. 

Curated Celebrity Chef ExperiencesChef Aaron May has a passion for food and irrepressible creativity. Meet Aaron May… A big personality with a memorable talent for the culinary arts. See why many call him “the most entertaining chef on tv right now.”He’s currently the executive chef and culinary director at Bullseye Event Group, where he cooks worldwide at the most significant sports and music events.  Additionally, Aaron still oversees the food and kitchens at his restaurants, The Lodge and Goodwood Tavern in Arizona. You can find him as a judge on Guy’s Grocery Games and Guy’s Ranch Kitchen. Aaron and his restaurants have also appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and Guy’s Big Bite. Meanwhile, he never sits still or stops thinking about new dishes and concepts. Curated Celebrity Chef Experiences

Chef Aaron May is a famous name in the food industry. He owns several restaurants, such as Soly Sombra, Over Easy, and The Lodge. Since childhood, he has been a foodie and has had a passion for cooking since childhood. This led him to work in a restaurant at a very young age, 42, and was born on Christmas Day, December 25, in Chicago. Currently living in Scottsdale, he graduated from college and attended a cooking school in Paris, where he was interested in working. Chefs don’t just come to Paris to learn to cook. But he also developed his skills by practicing learning while working in a restaurant in Paris.

Aaron May Is The Latest Celebrity Chef To Embrace 

In true Aaron May fashion, the chef has decided to bring his creative talents to the world of cannabis-infused cooking. According to a press release, May is officially teaming up with LastLeaf, the cannabis food product line launched by fellow celebrity chef and James Beard Award winner Todd English. May will work alongside English and a team of chefs to create various cannabis-infused recipes and food items designed to elevate the experience of both eating gourmet food and consuming cannabis.

Aaron May and Todd English are just two of many high-profile chefs that are publicly embracing cannabis cooking. According to We Are Chefs, this popularity comes from changing marijuana laws in the U.S., or more specifically, the legalization of its recreational use. Though edibles are the most associated with snack foods like gummies and brownies, a survey conducted in 2019 by the National Restaurant Association concluded that cannabis cooking is on its way to becoming a new sector in the restaurant industry. In fact, cannabis-infused beverages and cannabis-infused foods were among the association’s top predictions of culinary trends to come (via YouTube).

Chef Adam Allison is one of Arizona’s most versatile chefs.

From starting a variety of food trucks to opening his flagship location, Handlebar Dinner, Chef Adam has proved he can cook in any kitchen. That talent even scored him a win on Food Network’s infamous show, Chopped. Le Cordon Bleu, Legendary Food Trucks, Successful Brick and Mortars, Food Network’s Chopped, Multiple Super Bowls, Feeding the Community… These are just a few of the highlights. Chef Adam Allison has been in the Restaurant business for over 20 years and is currently the Chef Owner of Handlebar Diner and Brightside Burgers. Chef Adam Allison has been in the Restaurant business for over 20 years and is currently the Chef Owner of Handlebar Diner and Brightside Burgers. Curated Celebrity Chef Experiences
He is also a Food Network Chopped Winner, has owned several successful food trucks, has cooked at The Masters, and multiple Super Bowls with Guy Fieri and Aaron May, and is a private Chef to Celebrities and Professional Athletes. Chef Adam’s passion for all things culinary is rivaled only by his focus on enriching his community. His charity work providing lunches for local children during the pandemic was recognized by Phoenix Magazine, and he is currently spearheading several events in the fight against cancer. Chef Allison focuses on locally sourced ingredients prepared with his signature fusion of traditional southern and southwestern flavors but has a comprehensive culinary skill set allowing him to create a wide range of custom menus.


Jeff Kraus of Crêpe Bar in Tempe is one of Arizona’s most vibrant and innovative chefs.

Jeff Kraus drove into the restaurant industry with Phoenix’s first farm-to-table street food concept, Truckin’ Good Food. His mission to ‘responsibly feed the streets’ inspired a movement that changed Phoenix’s landscape for market vendors and street food. Curated Celebrity Chef Experiences

Since the food truck, Chef Jeff opened a fast-casual breakfast concept named Crêpe Bar. The multi-award-winning restaurant was named the best new restaurant, restaurant, and chef of the year and won the most innovative dish of the year.

Chef Jeff has taken his unwavering focus on using local ingredients, respectful cooking, and building relationships to help develop other independent businesses and non-profits around the community. For his dedication to hospitality and supporting locals, the City of Tempe issued a proclamation declaring August 9th the Jeff Kraus & Crêpe Bar day. Curated Celebrity Chef Experiences

Loot N Booty BBQ

Sterling Smith, 2022 World Barbecue Champion, US Navy Veteran, barbecue teacher, cookbook author, and owner/Pitmaster of Loot N’ Booty BBQ, has been competing on the professional barbeque circuit since 2009. Sterling has won 43 Grand and Reserve Grand Championship Awards, more than 800 top ten awards and is the two-time Australian Invitational Lamb Champion. Loot N’ Booty BBQ is a 4-time Arizona BBQ Team of the Year and was featured on an episode of Destination America Channel’s Smoked, where Sterling and his wife Molly won the title of “Smoked BBQ Boss.” In that time, Sterling and his family have traveled nationally and internationally to compete in major competitions including the Jack Daniel’s World BBQ Invitational, where they won the title of World Pork Champion, the American Royal World Series of BBQ, where they won Reserve Grand Champion in 2014 and 2022 out of more than 500 professional BBQ teams and won the title of Chicken World Champion and The Kingsford Australian World BBQ Invitational where they won the title of Brisket World Champion.


Chef De Cuisine: Ashley Goddard

Ashley Goddard, she has a special relationship with uneaten food. First, she appeared on the Chopped episode “Leftover Takeover” with two other Phoenix chefs, Michael Compean of Scapegoat Beer and Wine and Rich Hinojosa of CRUjiente Tacos. Competitors were challenged with rescuing foods that would have otherwise been tossed or left to rot in the fridge. “Everything was important, nothing gets thrown away, everything gets used,” she says of those days.

“Being raised on a farm like that just gives you a new perspective on food.” That outlook revolves around utilizing everything she can because “Somebody has to put in all of this work to put these things on the table for us.” I’ve expressed before that I believe dining out should be an experience, especially with the increasing impulse to order takeout. Going out to eat should only be done when it’s guaranteed to be worth it. Curated Celebrity Chef Experiences



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