Venues of the future care

Venues of the future care about you

Venues of North Scottsdale
Venues of North Scottsdale

Venues of the future care about you and understands and values you and the importance of the meetings and events business, it makes itself more appealing to please the growing demands of attendees. It embraces change instead of charging for just touching a bottle in a mini bar. Accessibility also means maximizing the interactive nature of the space. As an event planner, you know the importance of planning each component of your event with an attendee-focused approach. Planning interactive events where

attendees have the ability to collaborate with each other and with the information presented at the event is an important trend in value-driven planning. The design
of the event space must be able to house this form of attendee engagement. There are many ways to engage attendees at an event aside from designing a
compelling venue, from social media integration’s, to live polling. While there are many event planning tools out there that claim to increase attendee engagement,
venue design is one key aspect of engagement that organizers must not overlook. If you are planning a networking event, you should create a design to encourage
attendees to engage with each other. This type of engagement can often be a nerve-wracking endeavor, you should build a space with many different areas
where attendees can meet and talk to one another in comfort.


Is the Venue Easily Accessible?

Fasten those seatbelts
Fasten those seatbelts

As an event planner, you are surely familiar with the many details and technicalities that are required for executing an event or conference. Choosing the right event venue requires a knowledge of specifics like all other stages of the planning process. Depending on your event agenda and priorities, you will need to determine and create a balance between collaboration space and presentation space. In other words, you need to make sure that there is enough space for your attendees to move around and collaborate with each other. At VNS we just get it!

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