How to Take the Perfect Fundraising Event Photos

Do you ever go a single day without seeing at least one person taking a photo of themselves or someone else?

A study shows that more than 1.2 trillion photos were taken in 2017 alone. Keeping this in mind, you know you need good photos to document whatever event you are holding, especially a fundraiser. After all, your donations depend on how well your stakeholders perceive your business, and this is where high-quality photos come in. Here are some things you can do to get the best photos of your fundraiser:

Connect Emotionally with Your Audience

Try capturing your photos from the attendee’s point of view. You want an outsider to look at your event’s photos and feel like they were there.

This is also a great way to market your event to potential donors. If people can imagine themselves being there, they’re more likely to donate to your cause. Empathy is also a great way to convey your message effectively.

Make Your Photos Colorful

Lighting is important for non-profit event. You don’t want your photos to appear over-edited.

With proper lighting, your photos won’t need much editing. Natural, unedited photos will go better with the theme of your event.

A photo that has natural lighting feels less like a photo and more like an experience. Try and use natural lighting as much as you can, especially if your fundraising event is outdoors. A professional photographer will know how to make the lighting appear more natural.

Think About the Message You Want to Convey

What is the purpose of your fundraiser? Keep the focus of your event in mind when talking to your photographer. Make sure there’s nothing in the shot that doesn’t serve the purpose of the fundraiser. You don’t want photos that could be portraying two opposite messages.

A good idea would be to have boards and signs that provide context for your event. Include them in the background of the photos. They’ll let your audience know about the purpose of the fundraiser.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so make sure you are taking the right photos.

Choose an Experienced Photographer

Photo quality plays a huge role in how others see your event. Only someone who knows camera angles like the back of their hand can capture a great photo.

Candid shots are great for showcasing your event. They give a natural feel to the experience. Good photographers will know that they have to shoot from different angles to make your photos look timeless.

Keep Your Photos Safe

Next year’s fundraiser depends on this year’s success. Keep your photos stored safely for future use. You will need them to help others understand what your event stands for.

Offer Portraits with Backdrops

One great way to get extra donations is to have a backdrop. Attendees can get their photos taken in front of a backdrop that represents your event. If they like the photo, they can pay to have it printed.

This will help in spreading your message and get you some extra donations as well.

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