Coolest Grand Entrance Ideas for Your Next Event

The first point of contact between your guests and you is your event’s grand entrance. Yes! Your event begins the moment the guests walk through the gate and it is entirely up to you to introduce them to what your event is all about right away. A great grand entrance makes your guests focus on the event and forget about their day to day worries. It is a source of great distraction.

Here are a few of the coolest grand entrance ideas for your event.

Swag Bags

Giving things at the entrance shows that you have faith in your event and that you know the attendees will stay till the end. Goody bags are perfect to get off on the right foot. However, if don’t distastefully it can ruin the entire experience of your guests before the event even starts.

Try to add interactive things in the bag such as prize draws or drinking vouchers. Doing so will intrigue your guests and keep them interested.

Projection Technology

Projection mapping is used frequently at events these days. It is a great way of giving the venue an outstanding makeover. Flat surfaces are best for projecting images, videos, or messages. Projection mapping can turn even the most boring and dull venue into a beautiful billboard.

Another great idea is to opt for 3D projection mapping that is bound to excite your guests. It is going to be a bit on the pricey side but the look on your guests’ faces as they enter your event will be priceless.

Gorgeous Floral Archways

Who doesn’t like flowers? Floral archway is the evergreen choice for a grand entrance. You must have seen elaborate floral archways at a number of events. You can never go wrong with this idea. Floral archways are affordable and tend to stimulate more than one sense. Your guests will like what they see and smell.


Tunnels are becoming increasingly popular as the grand entrance for many different events. It helps your guests feel like they are transitioning into another dimension leaving the outside world behind. To get more creative you can opt for LED tunnel playing footage that matches your event theme, or display sponsorship brands. Floral tunnels are also emerging to be a popular idea for an event. It gives the venue an elegant and glamorous look. No matter what your theme is a tunnel will work with it.

Interactive Games

Nothing can beat an amazing interactive experience. If done well your guests will be raving about your event for months to come.  Go for an experience that entertains your guests and makes them feel part of something bigger than them. For this, you need interactive games at your entrance to entice your guests. It is also a great way to break the ice between the attendees. For more interesting and awe-inspiring event ideas visit

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