Event With an Aviation Theme

How You Can Host An Event With An Aviation Theme

It is always nice to host an event with a certain twist to it, isn’t it? Among the timelessly glamorous themes, the golden age of the aviation industry always comes at the forefront. It provides the perfect backdrop for any kind of formal event that is taking place. Aviation fanatics and travelers alike love an aviation-themed gala, corporate event or even a wedding. It provides that perfect photogenic evening for people all around and an unforgettable experience. If you are looking to throw your own aviation themed-party, here are some tips that we think you could really use to make it a big hit.

Find an Airplane Hangar

Of course, if you are planning to host an event in an airplane hangar, you need to find one first, right? As odd as it may seem, the unconventional aspect of an airplane hangar is what makes it the perfect venue. If you are hosting a big event, there is nothing better than to have an airplane hangar. Just think about it. A private airplane hangar in Scottsdale has a lot of square footage at your disposal and the height of the ceiling is pretty high. Ideally, the private airplane hangar will have a few private jets parked on the tarmac nearby. The lights should be plentiful so that the ambiance is set as it is complimented by the private jets. If the kind of occasion calls for it, there are some venues in Scottsdale that even allow you to park a small jet within the hangar while the event takes place. At Venues of North Scottsdale, we know we certainly do. Oh and we also provide you access to some of the best airplane hangars in the region.

Select a Time Period

We’re not talking about the schedule of the event itself, we’re talking about the time period from aviation history. If you’re hosting an aviation themed party in Scottsdale, you need somewhat of a specific theme, right? You could go for the golden age from the 1918 to 1939 or you could go completely modern. The choice is all yours. You can even go for a progressive theme that dates from the golden age to the modern day aviation. Selecting a theme helps a lot while planning the event for the aviation themed party that you’ll be hosting in a private hangar.

Transform the Space

The ceiling touching soaring heights and wide open space allows you to do a lot with the space. Get creative with the space and go crazy. Transform it according to your vision of the event so that all your guests are mesmerized by the grand affair that your aviation themed party is.

Hire the Right Band

An aviation themed party without live music would be a dull affair. There is nothing better to bring a party to life than with the right musical backdrop. If course finding the likes of Sinatra himself is not an option but you’d do well to find someone that can play “Fly Me to the Moon” even half as good as the legend did. That’ll be enough.

If You Need Any Assistance

You know, if you need any assistance with your aviation themed party in Scottsdale, you have the best possible option with Venues of North Scottsdale. We offer you a whole host of unique event venues and exciting experiences. The best food and staff will be able to deliver you the most amazing party you’ve ever had. Feel free to contact us at any time for more details. We’d be happy to oblige.

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