Scottsdale Corporate Holiday Events

A corporate holiday party is a chance to thank all of those who have worked so hard. Make the party memorable and special by choosing a fabulous location and following some of the tips below.
Start Early
Don’t wait until a month or two before to start planning. In order to get the best venue, you need to book your corporate holiday party as soon as you have a date. Quiet Cannon can book your rooms early. So that you will know you have the best venue in the area while you plan the rest of your party.
Planning early will allow you take your time when choosing the menu and the theme and give you a chance to tweak things along the way.
Form a Committee
Rather than trying to handle the entire party planning process on your own, form a committee to help.
Depending on the size of your organization and the size of the party. You could have just a couple of helpers or several. For bigger committees. Set various people in charge of different aspects of the party such as games, food and printed materials. Meet monthly early in the planning process and then more often as party time draws closer.

First Things First

Before you get too involved in planning a corporate holiday party, you will need to decide on a couple of things that will set the tone for the rest of the planning.
1. What is your budget?
You must know exactly what the party budget is before you plan a single thing. Some choose to augment a smaller budget by having the employees buy tickets.
2. Who will be invited?
Will the party be just for employees and their partners or will you be inviting families? Obviously, there will be a difference between a party with children in attendance and one for adults only.
Why Host a Corporate Holiday Party
As many businesses are looking for ways to cut expenses, the budget for meetings and parties is often one of the first things to be cut.
But there are good reasons to host a corporate holiday party.• It is a way to show your employees that you appreciate their efforts.

A corporate party is a way to thank all of your employees at one time. Rather than having to come up with something for each department.


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