In an Airplane Hangar, Event Options are Endless!

Finding the right space is one of the first steps to planning a great event. While some events require particular locations, airplane hangars present a versatile option with plenty of room for nearly any type of gathering. With tons of square footage, high ceilings, and entrances large enough to bring in any installation, equipment, and beyond, hangars are fantastic places for a wide range of events.

Here are some of the most popular types of events we host, but we can accommodate if you can think of it!

Corporate Team Meetings

For large corporations, getting everyone together can be a challenge. This challenge is made even more difficult when boring or cramped spaces lead to disengaged team members.

A hangar provides enough room for massive teams to gather, and an “out of the ordinary” experience that helps drive a memorable, engaging experience. The size of the space also allows for a stage, audio/visual equipment, breakout sessions, and activities for breaks throughout the day.

Concert Experiences

Some events are all about entertainment! Hangars can accommodate a fully immersive concert experience for your guests, including state-of-the-art lighting and a powerful sound system. Performers and production staff will have all the room they need to do their jobs, and a covered space means you can have your event in any weather!

Holiday Parties

Large-scale holiday parties, especially around Christmas, depend on great food, great decor, and a pleasant ambience for connecting with others. As with other types of events, using an airplane hangar means you can get creative with lighting, creating separate spaces, and catering. High ceilings can accommodate giant Christmas trees and other decorations too!

Special Interest Groups

Of course, airplane enthusiasts love using hangars for events, but other groups can utilize the space for gatherings and shows as well! Car shows, motorcycle meetups, or any other event that involves bringing in and showing off vehicles or large equipment are perfectly suited for these large, covered, easily accessible spaces.

Charity Fundraisers

Because these hangar spaces can be transformed into different themes, they’re perfect for charity events of all kinds. You can plan different stations, present information, entertain guests, set up games, and create a multifaceted fundraiser that people will be thrilled to contribute to.

These are only some examples of the types events hangars can hold. We also host quinceaneras, mitzvah celebrations, birthday parties, reunions, and so much more. Hangars are incredibly diverse, and our on-staff planners can turn your dream event into a reality! Contact us today to get started. 

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