Utilizing Story Telling with Events

Utilizing storytelling with events

Utilizing storytelling with eventsPlanning an event is the process of telling a story in many different ways, whether to write press or present your event publicly. This is why it is so important to be able to tell your story accurately and professionally when needed to. Many different event types require storytelling and knowing how to proactively get your message out there to attract more publicity to your event. By understanding the purpose of storytelling for each type of event, you can accurately market yourself and your event to your peers and potential attendees. You want to create an experience that stays within the hearts and minds of those who attend your event for years to come. Utilizing storytelling with events

Corporate Events

Corporate events have a massive engagement with the idea of storytelling. There are many different reasons to plan a corporate event and many different reasons to use the storytelling process. If you are planning a corporate event for an incentive event, you have a lot of storytelling to manage. For this event, you would use storytelling to motivate your staff to reach their goal. You would also use storytelling to keep everyone up to date as milestones arise and to tell them about what they will be doing at the event that makes the goal worth reaching. Utilizing storytelling with events

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Corporate events can also be fundraising events. When it comes to fundraising events, storytelling can be used in many positive ways to assist in the planning and fruition of the event. The purpose of a fundraising event is to raise money for a specific charity or goal. There is a story to be told, and it needs to be well executed if you want to ensure that the donations roll in.

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You want to tell your story initially through marketing to intrigue people to come to the event. You want them to feel strongly connected to the theme of the fundraiser so that they feel warmed up to donate to the event. You will also want to speak publicly at a fundraising event to help remind your guests why you all attended the event in the first place after they enjoy a few glasses of bubbly. Stories are a way to connect people with ideas and make your guests feel connected to the charity or goal for which your event is fundraising. Utilizing storytelling with events

Personal Events

There are many personal events that people choose to host where a story being told can add a beautiful personal touch to the event. For example, when someone plans a wedding, a story is involved. You share the story of your love, your life, and the wishes you have with your guests in front of everyone you cherish to bond your life with your spouse. You tell a story in the stationery you pick out for your invitations, in the flowers you choose to carry in your bouquet, and in the songs you play at your reception. Utilizing storytelling with events

Birthday parties are also events where stories are told. As you turn one year older, the mic is passed around, and the world of storytelling is told in the tear-filled eyes of parents and the laughs of friends telling stories of your journeys together. Storytelling is an amazing part of connecting birthdays to our lives and the life we plan to have. We share our goals, dreams, and lives we envision for ourselves. Storytelling plays a part in almost every aspect of our lives.


Storytelling is a part of our lives and a part of connecting our lives. Storytelling is useful in event planning because when you can connect your story or your event’s purpose to your guests, you can help them find a connection with your purpose. This is helpful when handling fundraisers or when you just want them to feel a connection to a special moment in your life. You can create an immersive experience for your guests that they will never forget. We hold a special place in our memories for the things that create a special meaning and connection within us. These stories play a big part in finding that connection.  utilizing storytelling with events                                                                

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