How to Choose the Menu for Your Corporate Event

Meet the Catering Needs of Your Corporate Event Diligently One major reason why corporate events are organized is for appreciating the company’s employees. Time and again these events have proven they play a key role in motivating employees. Recognition is always welcomed by everyone. These events do just that for the employees that serve as […]

Entertainment for Corporate Events

4 Entertainment Ideas for Your Corporate Events Corporate events tend to get dull halfway through. They begin with a bang as all the guests arrive and are introduced. They also end well with the open bar and the amazing catering. But the middle of the event becomes dull when a business review is carried out […]

4 Things to Consider While Selecting Decorations for Your Business Events

Tips for Selecting Decorations for Your Business Events Innovation in decorations is a must in any event especially if it is a corporate event that will mark the beginning of a new term or end of a successful one. In any case, the members of the senior management arriving from different states just to attend […]

5 Things to Consider While Catering for Your Business Conference

Tips for Catering for Your Business Conference Organizing your first business conference? Don’t know where to begin? Catering of course! This is the only part of a business conference that is most looked forward to by every individual attending it. Therefore, it must be dealt with carefully and considerations of the majority of the crowd […]

3 Outstanding Entertainment Ideas for Your Business Event

Scottsdale Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas for Your Event Who doesn’t like to enjoy their time with their colleagues? Everyone does. Making memories other than spending time in meeting rooms doing business review debates is something that every employee wants. In such a case, business events bring about wild opportunities for fun time with colleagues and […]

3 Reasons to Organize Your Company’s Events at an Airplane Hangar

Tips to Organize Your Company’s Events at an Airplane Hangar Scottsdale Airpark makes a perfect place for organizing any event for your business. Nothing is more motivational to the attendees as walking out into a packed hangar through the huge Airplane hangar doors. You will have the space for thousands of employees and in fact, […]

Have you ever experienced a balloon drop

Balloon Drops Have you ever experienced a balloon drop? It’s so cool and brings out the child in you as you run around stomping on balloons! Remember the Democratic Convention and their balloon drop? Remember how the candidates frolicked in the balloons? Well, hopefully you are going to a really fun place that has a […]

Gala Events with Venues of North Scottsdale

Gala Events with Venues of North Scottsdale. Located in North Scottsdale our Event spaces have established a stellar reputation for elegant affairs of all kinds. Our in-house Special Events team will work with you to produce your event ! Or if you’re an event producer we’re happy to play host while you do the dirty work 😉 […]

Ditch the Conference Room Book an Unusual Event Venue

Ditch the Conference Room Book an Unusual Event Venue Therefore ditch the Conference Room Book an Unusual Event Venue. Events are all about experience.  In the future experience will continue to be a major influence as events increase in number. Participants are spoilt for choice. In 2017. In the events industry alone, we’ve listed 52 event […]

Technology and Destination Weddings

Technology and Destination Weddings. Once upon a time, destination weddings seemed like quite the undertaking. Times have changed, however, as technological innovations have made planning a celebration from afar much easier–and even more fun. So how is technology changing the destination wedding landscape? LIVE STREAMING Not every invitee may be able to attend a destination […]