The Importance of Entertainment at a Corporate Event

Reasons Why Live Entertainment Is Important at Any Corporate Event

If you are planning a corporate event, you definitely would want to get the most out of it. To make the event successful, you make sure that all the major things including the venue, decoration, and food are par excellence.

However, one of the most easily neglected aspects of any corporate event is entertainment. The planners easily over-look this significant feature of any event.

That’s why we share with you some major reasons why hiring live entertainment can determine the success of your corporate event.


  • Cheers up the Guests


The corporate events can become very boring at times. The constant serious talk related to business can wear out people quite easily. Thus, what is needed to enliven their spirits is good entertainment. It is also important that you hire entertainment that goes along with the likes and interests of your audience.

Live entertainment can help the guests to have fun and be relaxed. It could also be a nice way to engage better with others, getting the opportunity to talk about other light and fun topics.  

The energy of the event elevates the mood of the guests, making them feel more positive. This way they will go back home with a smile on their faces.  


  • Reflects Your Values and Vision


You might not know but live entertainment at your corporate event can be a way to showcase the visionary ideas that your company upholds. It means that you can use entertainment to help your guests understand the motive of your event.  

The entertainment that is according to the purpose of the event helps to run the event more smoothly and naturally. Your guests will easily understand the message you are trying to convey, and that too through music. Hence, it is vital to choose the right kind of entertainment for your event.


  • Makes the Event Memorable


Do not underestimate the power of live entertainment. Good music or funny stage performance can make your event stick out in the minds of guests forever.

People never forget the things that successfully make them happy. Keeping that in mind, if the live entertainment at your corporate event is able to bring joy to people, your event will be totally a hit.

Trust us, people will definitely talk about it afterwards. Surely they will also look forward attending your next corporate event.


  • Enhances the Morale of the Co-Workers


A popular live entertainment can give your co-workers a chance to boost their energy. All year long they work hard which can drain out their energy. Thus, a lively entertainment can give your co-workers a reason to stay at the company.

When planning entertainment you can also set the space for dancing which can be a light-hearted fun for everyone.

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Arizona’s most popular event photographer

Arizona’s most popular event photographer. Maybe it’s the name, but Flash Gordon Murray has been one Arizona’s most popular event photographers since 2003

Companies like American Airlines, Chase Bank, and Discount Tire appreciate his friendly, professional approach.  Gordon’s dedication to the very best possible guest experience is evident.  National associations large and small appreciate the VIP treatment that he and his team provide to both their staff and their guests.  Whether discreetly capturing candid highlights, expertly posing couples or headshots, efficiently organizing groups or quickly capturing awards photos. Flash Gordon makes the event organizer’s job much easier and makes the planner look good in the process.

One reason Murray is popular with event professionals is that he understands event planning and production. Having built a multi-million dollar production company with a full-time staff of 44.  He understands that you need to arrive early, bring professional gear with backup, stay on schedule, go the extra mile – like helping guests up and downstage stairs, allow subjects to preview their headshots, confirm everything in writing and provide guaranteed not-to-exceed line-item pricing.

Another reason is that he constantly introduces new technology and new techniques to help planners keep their programs fresh.  Back in the ‘90’s, Flash was one of the first to use digital photography – originally called “still video”.  These days he’s…

  • providing professional photos for mobile event app galleries and social media
  • batch-retouching headshots to shave off 10 years and 20 pounds
  • beaming instant slideshows to projectors and monitors to amp up the fun at a reception
  • onsite-duplicating souvenir USB FlashDrives so that guests can leave with a collection of images
  • onsite-printing 4×4 and 6×8 prints (as well as the usual sizes) for immediate gratification
  • providing high-tech robotic camera packages and drones

And yet, one of his most-requested products is still his full-service GreenScreen PhotoStation, originally introduced in 2003.  The secret is the carefully selected and trained staff with professional equipment and supplies.  Guests are greeted by a friendly Host.  Who invites them to choose from a large selection of high-quality props and legally-licensed backgrounds.  The courteous professional Photographer expertly poses the guests, and the super-fast Tech quickly processes the images for delivery as prints (one per person in the session) and/or text.

Based in Arizona, Flash travels extensively each year to support his clients with their meetings, conferences, launches and club trips throughout the US, Hawaii and the Caribbean.  He is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, MPI (since 1991), the Phoenix and Scottsdale CVBs, and regularly volunteers with NILMDTS.