Use of Technology for Better Event Hosting

Use of Technology for Better Event Hosting

Technology is now an essential thread of our social fabric and lifestyle. It has dribbled into everything that we do all day knowingly or instinctively. Corporate events or any event for that matter have also been imprinted with the omnipresence and pervasiveness of technology.

Planners and managers are in agreement that the use of technology has breathed new life into events. Now, people ask for the latest event technology trends while meeting planners and organizers. It has been noted that the integration of technology positively impacts events in many capacities.

  • It swells attendance
  • It increases engagement
  • It cuts down the cost.

Let’s have a look at some of the event technologies that are in vogue these days.

Projection Mapping for the Creation of Augmented Reality Experience

Projection mapping can turn around the ambiance of the entire venue for better. This ambiance detailing is done through multiple projectors that cast still and moving images to all the large facades in the venue to create an interactive 3D display.

Projection mapping is also budget-friendly. So, you don’t have to think too much about cost management.  For instance, simple projected mapping on a hangar ceiling can transform the venue into a futuristic dome. You can also use projection mapping along with music to make it a part of interactive entertainment.

Digital and diode lighting controlled through computers can also add to the ultramodern visual ambiance that you are trying to create with projection mapping.

Social Media Walls for Better Engagement

This is an event technology trend that has been around for a while and not going anywhere anytime soon. Put a social media wall throw multiple screens on display with an event hashtag. Post all the posts and pictures with your event hashtag from across different social media platforms to these digital walls. This event tech trend has many upsides.

  • The activity surrounding it generates organic real-time excitement and engagement.
  • Guests at the event become your brand marketer.

Facilitate the Use of Smartphone

People will use their smartphones no matter how interesting your event lineup is. So, start banking on this new-age human instinct.  To begin with, provide free internet. Secondly, go online with your program timeline, handout, menu, and any other itinerary. People will find it easy to look at concurrent event details through their phones and tablets.

Put on a VR Show

If your event entails a short guest list, then you can also think of putting on a VR show. VR is a trending event technology that ensures maximum attendance. You can also use it for some subtle branding.

Live Stream Your Event

If your event consists of music or any other performing art display, then you should make the most of it.  Live stream theses performances to gather a virtual audience for your event. At no cost, you can fetch a good number of eyeballs for your event.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues provides event hosting, catering, and entertainment as per the needs of your preferred theme. The company can also incorporate the latest technology trends in your events to spice things up.



Latest Catering Trends for Business Events

Event Catering Trends: What to Do and What Not

In order for any business activity to be successful, you have to ensure all the latest trends in the particular area are utilized. Likewise, when it comes to event catering, taking on the trends is a MUST. Why? Because people are the most about ‘food’, and most of us can compromise on everything but food.

Indeed, good food equals good mood, and this is one thing your event attendees deserve for taking out the time to attend your event.

In the words of Ken Follett:

“Hard work should be rewarded with good food.”

In simple words, the same-old wantons and so-so appetizers will not deliver a good impression of yours. And this is why you need event planners/caterers to ascertain everything is up-to-the-minute!

Here are some trends you should and shouldn’t follow when it comes to a culinary party.


  • Dos


  • Locale-Specific Food



There are high chances of the attendees traveling especially to attend your event. The best you can do to return the favor is give them the chance to gulp down specialties of the region. They are new to the town/city and will love to experience the city/town, its culture, food, etc. This is the reason having a destination-specific menu is a big YES!

Not sure about the specialties yourself? Hire Go for well-reputed corporate caterers, such as Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering, Atlasta Catering & Event Concepts, Creations In Cuisine or Levi Catering (Kosher or Non) to decide the menu, cook, and serve famous foods.


  • Local Ale and Wine


It is likely your event attendees will go out to have a drink or two as the event ends. How about you fulfill this need too? It is a good idea to present local beer and/or wine to the guests so they can get back home directly after a long day.

You can also add other regional beverages to not make the non-drinkers feel left out!


  • Smart Menus


Menus are extremely important for a party. The menu you have for the event will make a huge difference to everyone based on their preferences. Keep it balanced. Add equal vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items that are both healthy and fatty but also tasty so that no one has to leave without eating; not even the healthy eaters!

The key to a successful event is successfully engaging the participants, and the menu can actually serve the purpose if smartly planned.


  • Don’ts


  • Dreary Buffets



Gone are the days when the number of dishes on the menu would entice the eaters. Preset buffets have lost fame as people have become more particular. Today, most foodies are more into quality than quantity, and this is a good reason for you to have limited but special items on the menu.


  • Sugary Snacks


It is a long event and the attendees have been here for 3 hours already. About time they should be served some snacks and recharge themselves to make it through the end of the event.

What should you serve for snacks? If sugary snacks like donuts or cinnamon rolls are what you thought of, then it is a disastrous choice!

Sugary items will leave your people lethargic and sleepy until it is finally dinner time. So, go for protein snacks instead!


  • Failing to Consider Dietary Limitations


Not everyone in the event will be young or hearty enough to eat anything that is presented. Consider taking into account the needs of seniors and those who are ill, vegan, etc. There is no disappointment bigger than having to leave a gathering without eating because there is nothing you can eat. For questions on our bar packages please call Karen at 602-296-8000 or

Get the party on!

How to Organize a Successful Car Show

Organize Your Car Show at a Hangar!

Looking forward to organizing your car show? Got all the luxury and latest models ready? Just need a big enough place. How about a jet hangar?

You would never have dreamt of it before but if you live in Phoenix, Arizona then you can set up your car show at a jet hangar.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why it would be a splendid show because of the amazing location.


  • Make Use of the Huge Space


A car show needs a lot of space. All the new models and the concept cars on display need their room. You can use the space available in the hangar for as many cars as you would like to put on display. Despite the displays, the hangar will have enough space to accommodate all your guests and for more additions to the event.

You can have access to a space of 75000 square feet both indoors and outdoors if you organize your event at a jet hangar. That will more than fulfill your requirements.


  • Arrive at Your Event in a Plane


Yes, that’s right! You can make a grand entry at your event. After all the guests have assembled, you can swoop into the event in your private jet. Awe your guests with your stylish entry. Take pictures inside the jet, climbing out of it and even outside it. It can stay in the center of the event for everyone to take pictures with it. When you rent the hangar, you can also the rent the jet!


  • Accommodate Thousands of People


The hangar is big enough to facilitate a gathering of about 2000 people. For your car show, you can have a completely sold out event. All the people can fit in easily at the hangar. In fact, you can even add round tables and chairs for a formal dinner. As an added entertainment you can request the waiters and servers to be dressed as air hostesses.

It will add a feel as if the entire event is taking inside of an airplane. You could be having all this fun during a flight!


  • Have Room for a Bar & a Barbeque


You can set up an open bar at the hangar. If you are using the outdoor space, you will have the room to set a live barbeque for your guests. These two things are just what your event needs for its promotion. All those attending the event will be talking about it for a very long time!

A car show needs room for too many things. With Venues of North Scottsdale you can organize your event at the Lux Air Jet Center without worrying about all the extra space you’ll need. It will become the event of your life! Not only will it improve your sales but it will also be the most memorable experience of all the guests attending it. Visit us and see the wonderful location yourself! We will make your event a tremendous success.

The Best Ideas for an Airport Hangar Wedding

Inspirational Ideas for Your Airport Hangar Wedding

Having weddings in wedding halls, secluded beaches and beautiful gardens is quite an ordinary idea. People have been having wedding ceremonies at such venues for centuries.

Do you know the latest modern venue that is trending these days? Well, it is an airport hangar! Having an airport hangar wedding is the most out-of-the-box idea. And we are here to present to you some of the most unique and stylish ideas to make it more happening!

1.     Ceiling and Wall Draping

We all know that the airport hangar is a vast open-air place. And to decorate it beautifully can be tricky. After all, how can we turn the ordinary space into a grand place so that it looks like a glorious wedding venue?

One of the ways to do this is to decorate the space with ceiling and wall draping. The space which you have booked at the airport hangar must look different from the rest of the place, so that the guests can easily identify the wedding venue, and spectacular ceiling and wall draping can help you achieve the purpose.

So, cover the ceiling and walls of the place with beautiful drapes that go well with the theme of the wedding and make the place stunning!

2.     Jet Planes as the Backdrop for the Vow Exchange Ceremony

Fulfill your love for planes by having them in the background when exchanging the marriage vows. If either of the partner is a pilot then having jets as the backdrop makes perfect sense.

To have planes while delivering vows will make the whole space so eccentric and cool that even the guests will thank their stars for getting invited at your airport hangar wedding.

But hey, don’t forget that the jets can also make the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos!

3.     Travel-Themed Wedding

If you and your partner are endearing, adventurous and love travelling, then a travel-themed wedding will be the perfect option for you.

By following this theme, you can take the place to a whole next level. For instance, you can design your wedding invitation cards as airplane tickets or passports. You can also have fun decoration pieces such as a globe (which can have goodies inside for the guests) or cute colorful paper airplanes, set on every guest table.

Another fun idea that can be utilized for your travel-themed wedding is that instead of throwing rice at the end of the ceremony, your friends and family can throw small paper airplanes at you and your partner while you make your way back down the aisle.

4.     An Airport Themed Photo Booth

Make your wedding more fun by having an airport-themed photo booth at your airport hangar wedding. Fun and simple props such as suitcases, planes and pilots will truly make the wedding photos vivacious and the event memorable!

So, break the traditions by following these quirky ideas to make your airport hangar wedding absolutely marvelous!

You can also contact us to flawlessly plan your wedding at an airport hangar!

Scottsdale Corporate Event Jet Hangars

Scottsdale Corporate Event Jet Hangars. Whether you’re planning an amazing incentive event, a let your hair loose offsite party, business meeting, awards gala, or team building, the right venue will set the tone for your next corporate event.

With experiential events at the core of purposeful marketing, creativity concept to execution is paramount to success.

Our versatile private hangar spaces make us a prime location for all of your corporate event needs. We are: a collection of aviation environments for rent in Scottsdale for corporate and social settings.

Our Unique Venues are bursting with character and have colorful histories that help generate buzz around an event. These spaces are in high demand for parties and corporate events. An unusual venue, completely transforms guests’ perception of an event and helps make it more memorable.

Our specialists can help you choose the right hangar that will be the best fit for your next corporate event. Also help you customize the space to fit your style with full event production from the ground to the ceiling.

Spaces 100 to 2000

Discover more at Scottsdale

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Importance of Choosing the Right Venue

Importance of Choosing the Right Venue. Think back on the successful and memorable events you’ve attended. Chances are, if they were great events, they were held at great venues. Choosing the right venue for your event is not a decision to take lightly. The following venue options and amenities can have a profound effect on how your event flows.

  • Atmosphere – Will your venue be indoor or outdoor? In a formal or casual setting? Daytime or evening? All of these factors change the atmosphere of your event and greatly impact the feeling or ambiance of your occasion.

  • Venue Type – Renting a penthouse in Midtown? Thinking about a cruise ship gala? Renting out a club in Lower Manhattan? Or an art gallery in Chelsea? They type of venue you choose can not only affect how your event plays out, it can be the deciding factor in whether or not a guest chooses to attend.

  •  Oftentimes, your ideal venue might end up eating up your entire budget, so some compromises need to be made.

From our friends at Strategic Event Design based in new York  Venue Questionnaire 

The one Resource you Need to Get the Job Done Strategic Event Design 

Our vision is to realize yours. We accomplish this by taking the time to understand our client’s goals and aspirations. Through communication and creativity, we’re able to turn these objectives into incredible events that are on budget and on target.

 Well-planned, well-executed strategies work hard no matter the event.  As professionals who offer a wide range of services, Strategic Event Design’s team of industry experts handle live and digital event production anywhere in the world. Our talented team of expert event producers, meeting planners, technical producers and creative designers are at your disposal to design every aspect of your event. Our expertise and attention to detail guarantee excellence and will transform your event from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We pay attention. We’re smart. We’re flexible

Our formula for success is simple: we offer each of our clients the ultimate in performance.

SED’s innovative design concepts will transform your event from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our talented team of expert event producers, meeting planners, technical producers and creative designers are at your disposal to design every aspect of your event. Their expertise and attention to detail guarantee excellence and satisfaction.

How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Event

How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Event.

There are two ways to find the perfect venue for your event. You can either let your venue determine the type of event you want, or choose your venue according to the event you already have planned. For instance; does your event need a stage for presentations or guest speakers? Have you promised an outdoor activity, such as an obstacle course? Perhaps you require tables to display items for a silent auction or chairs and round tables to host a sit-down dinner?

To help you get the most from your event we recommend asking your event manager the following questions:

How much space is needed?

Consider how many people you’re expecting. There needs to be sufficient space for guests to move about freely so they don’t feel too cramped or lost in an abundance of open space. Additionally, if you’re planning to hold activities for the duration of the event, you’ll need to take that into consideration. The Artillery Garden in summer even gives you the option of hiring out its fun fair for extra entertainment.

Will the food be a big draw for guests of this event?

Having a venue that has on-site catering is a major benefit to you. Not only is it second nature for the team to cater for large numbers, but you also reduce the risk of running into issues. Venues like One London Wall have dedicated in-house catering by Create Food & Party Design, so you can entice guests with a fantastic menu at your London event.

Is there space for branding?

Branding helps associate and promote your event. If there are sponsors involved, there will more than likely be a clause stating they require their own branding. Be sure that when you’re looking at potential venues, that there is ample room within eyesight for yours and your sponsors’ logos. Old Billingsgate in London can even project your branding onto one of its huge screens during your event and The Pavilion at Tower of London also has the opportunity to project logos onto the wall of the Tower of London.

Are there AV and sound facilities?

More than likely, you or someone else will need to make an announcement during your event. Whether it’s to welcome a guest speaker, thank guests or even encourage guests to dance, you will require the equipment to do so. The Roundhouse offers a full PA system which can be used for background music or speeches.

Is it accessible?

There’s a good chance that your guests will be utilising public transport to get to and from your event so, it’s good to ensure that it’s close to bus and train services, or has ample parking for guests travelling in cars. Glaziers Hall is a quick walk from both Waterloo and London Bridge station and is centrally located to several hotels, should guests be travelling from far.

Another point to consider is whether your venue has WiFi capabilities or if you can connect your LTE router. Social media and digital presence is so important as it can help boost presence.

 For More:

2016 Chicago Cubs and Great Meeting Teams Have in Common

2016 Chicago Cubs and Great Meeting Teams Have in Common. Before the 2016 World Series is a distant memory, I want to share my observations about what made the Chicago Cubs so great and how those qualities translate to great meetings and events teams.

1. During the locker room celebration, Cubs executive Crane Kenney proudly proclaimed that culture eats strategy for lunch. Culture starts from the top, with leadership setting the tone for willing followers. There can be great strategy, but without inspired people who genuinely love their jobs and who are empowered to execute, strategy is nothing more than an idea.

2. But…strategy is important! You have to have a grand vision (what you aspire to be) and a well-articulated plan for how to get there. Culture and strategy work in tandem: With a poor culture, the plan is going nowhere fast. Both are key to any organizations success, and meeting planning is no exception.

3. Pay attention to the details. In baseball, players simply need to react to the ball. However, those who rely on Sabermetrics—baseball’s version of Big Data—have a better chance at success. Good planners combine an eye for the big picture with a knack for knowing the details.

4. Balance matters. The Cubs, by design, had a good mix of veterans and rookies. There was a group of players who had been there before and knew what to do and those who were curious to know what it means to win it all. Experience and exuberance continually proves itself to be a worthy combination. Successful meetings teams aren’t comprised just of seasoned professionals.

Luck is not an accident

5. Luck is not an accident, and neither is success. Sometimes the ball bounces in funny ways, or the rain comes at an opportune (or inopportune) time. Great teams seem to get the breaks, but the reality is they are prepared for any situation that comes their way. They are resilient and are rarely caught off-guard.

6. Shedding is growing. The Cubs had to let go of a lot of talented players over the years to get the right people in place and in the right order. Great meetings and event teams are not those that continually try to do the same thing, but those that take calculated risks and dare to be different. Letting go of the right things creates new opportunities and keeps events fresh.

7. Good things often take time—well, not usually 108 years!—and sometimes it is the journey, rather than the destination, that matters the most. Quality and success do not happen overnight. There is no such thing as the perfect meeting. Planners learn from their mistakes. Sometimes having a few bad events makes the great ones more satisfying.

8. Many Cubs played multiple positions during the year and didn’t complain, although they may have had expertise at one position. Versatility is valuable. The most valued meeting professionals may be great at one thing while simultaneously demonstrating their breadth by adapting to virtually any situation.

Relax and have fun

9. Relax and have fun. Nobody performs well when they are stressed. Cubs manager Joe Maddon often created dress-up themes for road trips to keep the players loose. Meeting planning may be among the most stressful professions, but at least you don’t have a 90-mph fastball coming at your head!

10. Celebrate your successes. The Cubs celebrated every victory in their locker room. When the event ends, does everyone pack up the boxes and head to the airport? If so, you’re missing an important part: the celebration of a job well done.

11. Cubs employees get the best of everything. The organization flew all of its employees to Game 7 of the World Series. You can call it their incentive trip! Everyone will receive a World Series ring. The Cubs spared no expense because they knew the rewards in the future will pay dividends in employee retention and loyalty. Find a way to convince your leadership to support your efforts in big ways.

12. In conclusion You need loyal, passionate customers. Therefore none of this matters without appreciative fans—or, for meeting planners, attendees. Fortunately your participants don’t have to wait a century for a great event!

Executive Director, Financial & Insurance Conference Planners

How Event Planners Choose Venues

How Event Planners Choose Venues.

Choosing a venue is one of the most delicate decisions that event professionals face.

The largest trade shows in the meeting and event industry are mainly focused about connecting two audiences: event professionals and venues.

If you walk the floor of IBTM or IMEX events you will notice dozens of venues (sometimes through convention bureaus or national tourism boards) from around the world trying to win planners’ favour.

Hosted buyers programs where created to facilitate this connection. Some hosted buyers programs pay for travel and accommodation expenses, give access to VIP lounges and lavish private events if the event professional is able to demonstrate they manage venue budget and are willing to make appointments.

Technology Is Not Standing and Watching

One of the strongest focus of technology providers over the past three years revolved around facilitating this exchange.

Venue search engines popped up all over the place. Websites where event planners looking for a new destination or venue could find all the information about potential candidates.

Some companies automated the Request For Proposal (RFP) process. They collectively got venue owners to reply to event planners’ demands.

Undoubtedly this is one of the hottest areas of technology where innovation could mean multi-million dollar revenues.

Why Is Choosing a Venue So Important?

If you are starting out in the event industry, you will soon realise that the venue decision will have the biggest impact on your budget and overall performance of the event.

To captivate event profs’ preference, venues gained control of catering, audio visuals and technology at large. They offer inclusive packages that cover most requirements associated with events.

Such service convergence makes the bill bigger and the weight associated to the decision heavier.

Choosing a venue is without a doubt a decision that can make or break your event. It is that one decision where event professionals feel the pressure.

What Influences Venue Decision Making Process

I could come up with several factors influencing decisions when it gets to choosing venues. But that would only be my speculation. An absolutely and utterly sound speculation, but still a speculation.

You know how I like to try to be analytical with content that makes it to the blog. Don’t like gossip, I don’t like fashion.

Decided to dig deeper and did a bit of research.

I found an interesting paper on the topic, that I strongly suggest to read. Here it is: Individual and Organizational Characteristics Influencing Event Planners’ Perceptions of Information Content and Channel Choice by Amanda Caroline Alexander, Dae-Young Kim and James Groves in Journal of Convention & Event Tourism – Vol. 13, Iss. 1, 2012 (That is how pros reference articles


?Findings are succulent.

Personal Interaction Is the Most Valuable Channel Affecting Decisions

While as an event professional you may think this is quite obvious, this may not be the case for venue listing websites, search engines, trade magazines, blogs, events, etc.

In fact the research, which was carried among 5500 ISES members, computed decision preference among channels such as direct marketing, printed media, technology (websites, search engines), collateral advertising and personal.

Therefore word of mouth seems to be the channel we rely on when looking for a venue or advice on selecting a venue.

A year ago we published an infographic called How Technology is Changing Events. One of the stats in there is that according to a study, professionals trust online information almost as much as information gotten from in person.

That means that exchanges with our peers online will influence decision making in regards to venue selection.

Meeting Room Information Has the Strongest Influence on the Final Decision

This is also an interesting one to better understand how event professionals’ minds work. Despite the research has been carried within the International Special Events Society (which I am proud member of), therefore in a demographic who pays extra attention to the venue component, the findings are quite surprising.

The study found that meeting room information is the most important factor in the decision, more than the cost of facility, attractions, exhibit space, food service, previous experience, sleeping rooms capacity and tech support.

Venue cost? For Real? I would have guessed that pricing was going to be the major factor influencing decisions. Apparently not the case.

I am impressed and this gives a lesson to all those marketing their venue or creating technology for marketing venues. Meeting Room information is what matters. Exposing the features of your meeting room is what makes event pros say yes!

In Conclusion

Choosing a venue is surely one of the most delicate decisions an event professional faces.

Research has demonstrated that we trust others’ advice when looking for information about a venue. That has a massive implication for events and trade shows promoting destinations and venues. In fact facilitating this exchange of information through networking or peer-to-peer sessions becomes extremely important for the success of the event.

Another important factor that impacts suppliers is exposing the meeting room information as much as possible. In fact this will be the ultimate influencer in the decision making process.

I’d be interested to know whether this is also your experience or if you have anything else to add. Do use the comment section to express your thoughts.

About The Author


Julius Solaris

Julius Solaris is the editor of, he is an international speaker and author of The Event App Bible, Engaging Events, Social Media for Events, The Good Event Registration Guide and The Annual Event Trends Report.


20 Things Venues Say and What They Really Mean

20 Things Venues Say and What They Really Mean. Working with a variety of different venues can be an exciting part of your event planning career but what do venues really mean when they say some of these things?

We know that event planners can drive venues crazy and venues can drive eventprofs equally up the wall. Sometimes it might seem like we speak different languages. Here are a few comments you might hear from your venue and how you can get to the bottom of what they are really trying to tell you!

  1.   Our WiFi is a bit spotty…

… Don’t rely on our WiFi because it will fail. Guaranteed.

Check out the WiFi capability during your site visit. Be sure to ask questions about their capacity and even test the bandwidth. Find alternative options, or perhaps book another venue if it seems like this will pose an issue for your group. Find a venue that understands how important WiFi is to your event and attendees.

  1.     We have a list of preferred vendors…

… and you may pay a premium to bring in someone else not on our list.

If you have a vendor in mind that you always work with or that you trust and prefer, be sure to ask your venue about any restrictions to bring them in. Some venues require that you use certain vendors such as specific accredited caterers or AV companies. Sometimes they will charge extra for vendors outside of their preferred list or not allow them on site at all.

  1.     We have upcoming construction scheduled, but it won’t impact your event…

…Unless it is delayed of course.  


venue-3If you have ever seen any type of construction or renovations you know that they very rarely finish on time. Be sure to discuss any potential renovations or changes to the venue that might impact on your event. If the timeline seems too tight you may want to explore some other locations to host your event to be on the safe side.

  1.     We are happy to accommodate your requests…

… but we might charge you extra for it.

Be sure to ask about any hidden fees that may be incurred for additional services. On occasion a venue may offer complementary services that come at no charge, but you should be sure to confirm in advance and avoid any hidden surprises in the final bill.

  1.     We need to move your group to another space…

… and it might be less desireable that your original location.


venue-5With large scale events you should not be running into this issue, but on occasion with smaller meetings or events you may be asked to move from one space to another. This might happen because of an error such as a double booking, the venue prioritizing a more lucrative contract over yours or perhaps some type of problem such as improvement works being required. When this arises be sure to ask the venue about your options and why you are being requested to move. Sometimes the new space might be an upgrade, but if you feel like you are getting the short end of the deal ask for this to be reflected on your final bill.

  1.     We offer complimentary services…

… but you might need to ask or negotiate harder before they are offered.

Your venue may offer added benefits such as transportation services, coloured linens, funky furniture, in-house AV and much more. If you don’t ask you never know. Be sure to communicate all of your needs, ideally before contracts are signed, and see if the venue can offer to fulfill any of them for free.

  1. We offer all the latest and greatest in-house technology…

… but don’t ask me how it works.


venue-7Make sure you do a trial run on any AV equipment you plan on using. Often times there are only certain staff members at a venue who know how the technology works. Make sure these people are available during your event (ideally), or prior to the start so they can show you and your team how to use it.

  1.     We can offer lots of rooms for your breakout sessions…

…. but some of them might be a long walk from your main space.


venues-8A venue may have plenty of space to offer, but it could be spread out throughout the facility. This might mean long walks for your attendees and increased signage to ensure no one gets lost. Sometimes the rooms are even on different levels with limited lift capacity. Ask questions about where your group will be and actually walk the route between rooms prior to signing the contract if you can.

  1.     We can provide transportation…

… but it probably won’t fit the exact needs of your event.

Certain venues may have complimentary transportation, but these services are often very limited. They may only service a specific area, or they may only run during certains times. If you plan to take advantage of this option, be sure to confirm all of the details in advance and read the small print.

  1.  We offer a variety of menu selections…

… and there might be room to negotiate on pricing to meet the needs of your group.

Most venues can find a way to accommodate the needs of your group when it comes to menu selection. Even if the item you would like isn’t on the menu, you should ask about having it as an option. You should also have some room for negotiation in pricing depending on your food and beverage choices. Many menu items can be adjusted to fit within your available budget.

  1. We have other events taking place on that date…

… and some of them might interfere or overlap with your event space.


venue-11Many venues have the ability to host more than one event at a given time. Because of this, you should check out the other spaces to have an idea of where the guests of other events may overlap with your group. If everyone is gathering in one lobby prior to the event and both bookings begin around the same time, it could cause major confusion.

  1.  Early access is no problem…

… but if you haven’t specifically requested it before contracting we will of course charge you $250 per hour.

Make sure you ask about everything you might need before you sign your contract. Even something such as early access, that would seem like it should be complimentary and expected, can bring a hefty fee if it hasn’t been discussed in advance.

  1.  We accept credit and debit cards…

… but we will charge you a service fee for processing, so you might want to pay another way.

You may want to pay by card, but some venues will charge you a service fee to use a card for payment. Ask about this ahead of time and if so, you may want to considering cutting a check or making a bank transfer.

  1.  We require a specific dress code…

… so be sure to ask about this and inform your guests, otherwise they could be turned away at the door.


venue-14While most venues will let you decide the dress code for your event, some exclusive and prestigious establishments like private member clubs, country clubs, golf clubs or higher-end venues may have a dress code policy that you should be aware of. Inform your guests well in advance in order to give them time to prepare and to ensure that no one is embarrassed by wearing the wrong attire.

  1.  We thought this room layout would be a better fit for your group…

… it was easier and quicker for us to turn the room around in this way so we ignored your set up instructions.

Most venues will have knowledgeable staff members to advise you regarding the logistics, set up and layout for every room that can be very beneficial. However, if you have specified and agreed instructions in advance and your requests have been ignored then be sure to speak your mind about your preferences. Sometimes busy venue staff might do things to make their job easier but don’t be afraid to push back and ensure that they organize the room in the fashion that works best for you.

  1.  I will be your main contact at the venue…

… but I may not be available on event day when you need me most.

Venues can have a variety of staff members, some that work in the sales office and others that are actually present for your event. Just because you work with someone early on in your planning process, doesn’t meant that they will be available during your event. Obtain clarification on this prior to event day and determine who and how you should contact if you need something during your event.

  1. We no longer offer that…

… we changed our mind about that so unless it is written in your contract the answer is “no”.

Venues have the ability to change their policies or offerings at any time. As we tend to plan events many months in advance, changes can happen between the time you book and the date of your event. Be sure to get all of the important details written down and review all of your needs in the weeks leading up to the big day. Even if a venue makes changes to their policies, if you have it in writing you can be sure they will honor your request.

  1. We have a backup option for any inclement weather…

… but it doesn’t offer the same “wow” factor and may not work for your specific event.

Most venues with outdoor space will also offer a backup option for rain or inclement weather. Be sure to ask about what this will look like in order to know if it will fit with your event. Ask if they have photos of what the setup looks like or explore the indoor room options during your site visit.

  1. We will have everything ready and set up…

… but you may need to arrive early and remind the staff.

Even though you take the time to plan your needs and timings on your BEO, the staff setting up your event may not always have things set exactly the way you’d like. Set time aside to arrive early and review everything with the venue staff, including going through all timings, special instructions, final numbers, the menu and any small but important details you don’t want to be overlooked. This will help you to feel prepared and avoid feeling rushed while your guests are arriving.

  1.  We look forward to hosting you for future events…

… we might give you a deal if you book another event soon.

If your event goes well and you build a good relationship with your venue, they will most certainly be happy to host you again in the future. Use the time soon after your event to negotiate any deals for future events. Many venues will honor the current rates if you book early.

In Conclusion

Building quality relationships with venues and vendors is an important part of growing your business and career. Finding a way to read between the lines and plan ahead for what you can expect to hear from your venues will help to keep your events running smoothly. Lookout for the statements above at your next event, because now you will be prepared to interpret what they are really trying to say and ask the right questions!

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