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Match The Size of Your Venue to The Size of Your Event

Events come in all shapes and sizes, from intimate book club gatherings to massive corporate engagements, low-key acoustic concerts to glamorous, red-carpet affairs. For each of these events – and everything in between – the location and venue space make a big difference. If you don’t match the size of your venue to the size of your event, even the best planning will leave guests feeling a little dissatisfied (or worse).

Keep these ideas in mind when selecting the venue for your next event, and choose a space that fits your vision for the best results. 

Crowded, Empty, or Just Right? 

Before even considering ambiance, lighting, or decor… How many people does your event need to hold? 

If the venue is too small, people will feel cramped and crowded. Sometimes a tightly packed crowd creates an energetic atmosphere (like on the dance floor), but people still need room to breathe and enough seats to get in and out safely. Even the coolest, most unique little spaces lose their charm if your guests are uncomfortably crowded. 

Similarly, a too big venue can make great events feel underattended. If guests are too spread out, they’ll struggle to connect or meet new people. Large spaces can also be a challenge acoustically in terms of performance and the potential for echoing, boomy reverberations that make it difficult for people to speak to one another clearly. 

To select the right venue, consider the number of people attending (at least an estimate), and let that figure narrow your choices down to appropriately sized spaces. 

Atmosphere and size of the venue

Are you looking for an existing atmosphere, or do you want to create your own? 

Some venues, like an old theater or a unique little watering hole, will have their own “built-in” sense of style and vibe… But you likely can’t do much to alter it. Alternatively, spaces like airplane hangars provide more of a blank slate, allowing you to bring in outside decor and lighting to create exactly the mood you want. 

Considering the venue size is also important if you want to bring in lights, decorations, tables, etc.. Make sure there’s enough room for everything and ample room to load such items in and out of the venue. 

Amenities and Infrastructure

Depending on the event you’re holding, you’ll also need to consider certain amenities and/or infrastructure availability.

For example: will you need a kitchen? If so, how many staff members will be using it? A small venue may have a food place to prepare, but if the caterers expect a large commercial operation, you might be shortchanging their efforts.

If you’re planning on using installations or special lighting, does your space of choice have the appropriate trusses or structural support? Is there enough power? Is the flooring appropriate for the things you want to bring in? Larger venues are more likely to be able to accommodate such needs, and that may have a big impact on the type of venue you choose.

As you begin your event planning, consider the actual size of available venues. It’s about more than just having enough space for your guests – it’s also an important factor in the type of environment you can create, and the type of experience your attendees enjoy!

To explore our range of venues, and to get more advice about making the perfect selection for your event, contact the expert team at SPEV today!

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