What if you broke the mold on venue selection

What if you broke the mold on venue selection

What if you broke the mold on venue selection? Unfortunately, predictable locations are big contributors to events’ overall “sameness” and can lead to declining attendance and results. Let’s face it, once attendees arrive at a venue, most meeting rooms and ballrooms are alike. But what would happen if you built in some surprises and did the unexpected? What would happen if you broke the mold and knew how to design fresh, unconventional events? 

The Right Fit

Are you looking for a meeting or party space? Some
platforms cover it all, others are focused on a specific
niche, so choose wisely to ensure you get compatible
results. Likewise, do you need a venue for a day or a
number of days? Or is it just hire for a few hours for
a meeting, drinks reception or networking event? The
search criteria questions asked will give a good indication
of whether it deals with the type of venue inquiry you

Level of Detail

To test the site pull up a number of venues to ensure
that they have complete listings with all the information
you need. Missing or inaccurate information should
ring alarm bells as how can you be sure that the results
returned by the online tool truly fit what you are looking
for? The information could just be missing or incorrect
meaning that venues may show up in the search that
shouldn’t be there.

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