Unique Venue for Events

Choosing a Unique Venue for Events Conventional events having been hosted in all the creative ways possible. It seems like it is impossible to host

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Something to offer everybody

Something to offer everybody. Venues of North Scottsdale has something to offer everybody. Perfect for galas, fundraisers, holiday parties, and other corporate events. Scottsdale Airport’s

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Scottsdale Hangar Events

Scottsdale Hangar Events VNS has the perfect location for you to host your hangar event.  We complete your event with pilot and stewardess servers, boarding pass

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Scottsdale Venue Management

Scottsdale Venue Management Who are we? Scottsdale Venue Management VNS is a collective team of industry professionals with a passion to exceed our clients’ expectations at every

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Event Equipment from VNS

Event Equipment from VNS Event Rentals from VNS The VNS team committed to service and to the complete satisfaction of our clients sales, operations and production

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Innovative space budget

Innovative space budget. Once we join forces, our expert team will be at your disposal for your space selection. That availability carries throughout the entire planning

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