Team Building and Ice Breaking Games and Activities for Corporate Events

Corporate Event Games & Activities

The activities and games that are made a part of corporate events are those that are both enjoyable and add value to the events. While there are different games and activities you can incorporate depending on what the event is about, it is generally ice breaking and team building activities that work best for such events.

These corporate event games and activities don’t only add life to the events but also allow people to know each other, relax, enjoy, and participate at the same time.

If you too are looking for ideas to make corporate events fun and interactive, here are a few games and activities that you can incorporate.

1.     The Game of Possibilities

This game is less time-consuming and is an amazing one for team building. All that you need to do is divide the participants into several small groups and distribute random objects in each group. The object you distribute should be given to a random person in each group and those who get it will have to stand up and showcase a unique use of the object in front of everyone, one after the other.

Another way you can play this game is by having the person with the object give clues to their team in order to guess the object. In this scenario, the demonstrator will not be allowed to speak.

The objective of this game is to allow the participants to be creative and interact with each other while having fun. It inspires creativity and team building.

2.     Turning the Negatives into Positives

The objective behind this activity is to enable the participants to engage better and cheer each other up. It helps them discover ways to gain a positive outlook even in the most trying times and teaches them not to judge others.

You can either divide the participants into pairs or trios or more. What happens during the activity is that a person will share his/her real-life negative experience from the past with the other member(s). After this, the other participant(s) will look at the scenario and discuss the positive aspect of the same experience. The partners will keep on switching roles until everyone is done.

Outdoor Team Building Games

3.     The Perfect Square

You will need long pieces of rope and a blindfold for every participant. All that you have to do is make the coworkers form a circle while grabbing a piece of rope. Each of the members will then be asked to put their blindfolds on and set the rope on the floor. Next, have the participants must move away from where the ropes were placed and then come back and arrange all the ropes together to form a large square with each other’s help while still being blindfolded.

This game will encourage communication as each participant will be dependent on another and allow them to demonstrate their leadership skills. This will also develop a sense of trust among the participants and add to their team building skills.

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How to Organize a Successful Car Show

Organize Your Car Show at a Hangar!

Looking forward to organizing your car show? Got all the luxury and latest models ready? Just need a big enough place. How about a jet hangar?

You would never have dreamt of it before but if you live in Phoenix, Arizona then you can set up your car show at a jet hangar.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why it would be a splendid show because of the amazing location.


  • Make Use of the Huge Space


A car show needs a lot of space. All the new models and the concept cars on display need their room. You can use the space available in the hangar for as many cars as you would like to put on display. Despite the displays, the hangar will have enough space to accommodate all your guests and for more additions to the event.

You can have access to a space of 75000 square feet both indoors and outdoors if you organize your event at a jet hangar. That will more than fulfill your requirements.


  • Arrive at Your Event in a Plane


Yes, that’s right! You can make a grand entry at your event. After all the guests have assembled, you can swoop into the event in your private jet. Awe your guests with your stylish entry. Take pictures inside the jet, climbing out of it and even outside it. It can stay in the center of the event for everyone to take pictures with it. When you rent the hangar, you can also the rent the jet!


  • Accommodate Thousands of People


The hangar is big enough to facilitate a gathering of about 2000 people. For your car show, you can have a completely sold out event. All the people can fit in easily at the hangar. In fact, you can even add round tables and chairs for a formal dinner. As an added entertainment you can request the waiters and servers to be dressed as air hostesses.

It will add a feel as if the entire event is taking inside of an airplane. You could be having all this fun during a flight!


  • Have Room for a Bar & a Barbeque


You can set up an open bar at the hangar. If you are using the outdoor space, you will have the room to set a live barbeque for your guests. These two things are just what your event needs for its promotion. All those attending the event will be talking about it for a very long time!

A car show needs room for too many things. With Venues of North Scottsdale you can organize your event at the Lux Air Jet Center without worrying about all the extra space you’ll need. It will become the event of your life! Not only will it improve your sales but it will also be the most memorable experience of all the guests attending it. Visit us and see the wonderful location yourself! We will make your event a tremendous success.

Automobile Museum of Scottsdale is now open

Automobile Museum of Scottsdale is now open and creates exceptional experiences from the ground up, driven by the lust and love for all things automobile! Therefore our exclusive venue is for the client who is primed for something distinctive. The flexibility of our spaces provides for a unique canvas for your event planning.

Corporate events are ever more drawn to unique sites that offer both privacy and maximum personalization. Including an event experience in a memorable locale guarantees long-lasting positive association to your program.  There is nothing more exciting than being whisked away to a private venue like Automobile Museum of Scottsdale. Until you walk through the entrance and see how impactful a meticulously crafted event can be!

Custom Menus and Bar Service to Elevate Your Event with four caterers to choose from 

When it comes to menus, our culinary team can craft an array of dishes for any event theme. Our catering menus and styles of service are tailor-made to suit your goals and budgetary requests. From plated sit down dinners, cocktail hours with hand passed hors-d’oeuvres, family-style meals or interactive food stations, our chefs will create a menu that your guests will talk about for years.

Sound Lighting Audio/Visual Production

Your production team makes your event. In addition, the latest technology needs professional expertise. With that said when your event goes live, you want the best on your team. Our event production managers and on-site technicians will be there to call each cue and make all the magic happen!

Linens, Floral Decor, and Table Top

Our event florist caters to all types of events, from meetings to product launches, event marketing initiatives to incentive recognition dinners, to awards galas and more.  We are here to make each moment an extraordinary one and our aspiration is to deliver an experience like no other.

Corporate Event Entertainment 

While we are happy to book international acts and maintain an active national database, Arizona has fantastic homegrown local entertainers as well.  Finally, let us find the right fit for your event from our roster of incredible talent.

Staging & Event Rentals

Distinctive space plans are part of the planning process. We build your event from the floor up including CAD designs for all staging needs and layout diagrams for all furnishings, audio-visual technology plans and guest tables. Our unique venues allow for the ultimate versatility in staging installations, fabrication of brand-specific backdrops, freestanding facades and even tents for outdoor spaces.