Massive Events

Tips for Mastering a Massive Event With 40,000 attendees at the Delta Sigma Theta national convention, planning played a key role in the Massive Event event running smoothly. Gregory O’Dell, president and C.E.O. of Events DC, shared how his team helped pull off the massive event. WASHINGTON, D.C. With more than 40,000 registered attendees, planning for the […]

Finding a Balance Between Event Design with Planning

Finding a Balance Between Event Design with Planning. We all know the two stages of putting together a successful event: the design and the planning. Each of these components is equally important to achieving the client’s goals.  But it’s important to keep them in a fine balance–especially when you’re handling both sides of the coin. […]

Healthy Incentives that Don’t Skimp on Luxe

Luxe incentive programs are all about pampering and making memories. But times have changed. Today’s attendees want to stay in shape, and they don’t want to return home five pounds heavier. What they expect from a luxury incentive program is experiential health and wellness activities with a wow factor. “Health and wellness very much has […]

8 Time Sucking Tasks and How To Streamline Them

8 Time Sucking Tasks and How To Streamline Them August 19, 2016 How To Articles 126 Are you finding yourself spending too much time on certain jobs? If so, take a step back and see if you can streamline and speed up your daily tasks! “Never neglect details. When everyone’s mind is dulled or distracted, […]

Event Hangars Scottsdale & Catering

Event Hangars Scottsdale & Catering Venues of North Scottsdale offers more than a catering company. We offer a culinary team focused on delivering experiential events for a clientele who have seen it all. They are sustainably aware, inventive and passionate about food! Whether you have a new office grand opening or remodel, celebrating a corporate […]

19 Things That Thrill Event Planners

19 Things That Thrill Event Planners. As an event planner there are a number of simple things that get us over excited. Here are 19 things which are irresistible to event professionals, but which others outside the industry may not understand or appreciate. Sometimes the simplest of things can evoke disproportionate joy. Many of these […]

15 Cringeworthy Phrases at Work

15 Cringeworthy Phrases at Work .It’s natural to fall into conversational habits, but if you’re hoping to communicate effectively, or be taken seriously, that can be a real problem. Use a certain word over and over and that word soon loses all meaning. Use a certain phrase over and over and you start to sound […]

Water The New Miracle Drink

Water The New Miracle Drink. Would you believe me if I said there is a no-cost, zero-calorie drink that will boost your mood, provide energy, help you look younger and lose weight, and rid your body of toxins? If there were, would you start drinking it today? While this drink is easily accessible, most of […]

SPECIAL EVENTS BLOG How to Tap Into Your Creativity for Special Events

SPECIAL EVENTS BLOG How to Tap Into Your Creativity for Special Events Working in the creative business naturally comes with some lulls.  So having periods of feeling uninspired can be inevitable. However, a great creative person doesn’t focus on the rut. Rather, they put their focus on getting out of it and finding their next dose […]

9 Tech Tips for Your Event Production Checklist

9 Tech Tips for Your Event Production Checklist Nov 9, 2016 by Gene Lundgren in Special Events Blog RSS Event tech expert Gene Lundgren of Aquarian Production and Entertainment Services shares an event production checklist There’s a lot to remember when producing an event. My team has decades of experience to pull from as well as […]

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