Hiring Professional Live Music for Corporate Event

4 Tips for Hiring Professional Live Music for Corporate Events

When you have a live band playing at any kind of corporate event, it can make a drastic difference to the ambiance it creates. Any event in Scottsdale can become a lot more fun and entertaining if you have the right kind of music playing to liven up the place. There are a lot of other things that you need to take into consideration for your corporate event in order to make it a success. A lot of people might make the decision to hire professional musicians passively but if you make the decision wisely, it can make a world of a difference for your event. Here are some of the tips that we at Venues in North Scottsdale think you should keep in mind when considering a band to play live music at your next corporate event at one of our unique venues.


  • Professionalism Counts


If you hire a band that is highly professional about the way they work, it can be very beneficial for you and your event. Professionalism would mean that the musicians are easy to work with, they are willing to play the music that is perfect for the kind of environment there is at the event and they will enjoy it as much as the audience does as well. The entire event in Scottsdale becomes more streamlined when the live music that the professional band plays is great. A professional band will have all the information about them on their online websites and portals.


  • Quality Is Paramount


Before you actually select a band to play the live music at your event hosted in one of our unique venues, we suggest that you listen to recordings of their performances elsewhere. Most of the bands have their live performances recorded and uploaded on online platforms. An ideal band will play live music at your corporate event with very high sound quality and deliver the best music that your guests would prefer to listen to.


  • Volume Control


You do not want a band playing at your corporate event too low that nobody can hear or too high that you cannot hear anything else. The aspect of volume control is key when it comes to the live music at corporate events in Scottsdale and anywhere else. A professional band should be able to play live music in a more mellow volume when required but they also need to be able to spice things up when the need arises.


  • Sound System


Of course the key aspect of delivering both good volume control and sound quality is the sound system that the band uses. For good live music to be delivered to the audience properly, you need the music to be played in a proper sound system.

At our unique venues, the aspect of acoustics will be very important. Aircraft hangars are a particular specialty with Venues in North Scottsdale. They provide for some of the most special experiences when it comes to corporate events or events of any kind.

If you want to host a truly successful corporate event, we advise that you take these suggestions into consideration while hiring a band to play live music. If you want to find a unique venue where you will host the event, you should contact us for that. Feel free to contact us at any time. We’d be more than happy to sort out the best possible venue for your corporate event.

All You Need to Know About Quinceañera

All You Need to Know About Quinceañera

Quinceañera, quinceaños, or quince años is a centuries-old tradition of celebrating a girl’s transition to womanhood on her 15th birthday. The word “Quinceañera” literally means 15 years. This tradition has its roots in Latin America and the Caribbean but now it is also celebrated in the US and beyond. The event traditionally revolves around the social, religious, and familial values and their importance in the life of a young woman.

If you are also planning to uniquely celebrate the 15th birthday of any young girl in your family, then read on because we are going to discuss some essential elements of Quinceañera celebrations.

Quinceañera Invitation

Since Quinceañera is a traditional event of celebrating the life of a young girl, therefore try to design the invitations accordingly. When online invitations have become a way forward, we recommend you to go for the same old card invitations and drape them with Latin aesthetics. By keeping the tradition alive in the invites, you can set the right mood for the awaiting event.

Religious Ceremony

As mentioned earlier, Quinceañera celebrations feature religious zest as well. Therefore, a regular Quinceañera event usually starts with a short and sweet religious ceremony where a priest and family bless the girl and remind her of her responsibilities towards her religion and community as an upright grown woman.


After the religious ceremony, the Quinceañera presents herself to the guests. This is followed by the waltz; this is supposed to be her first dance in public. Afterward, guests toast to the healthy and prospering life of the young girl.

Dinner and Entertainment

Like any other social event, a Quinceañera is incomplete without dinner and a bit of music and entertainment. Try to book a venue that also offers catering and music arrangement. Getting all these things done from the same contractor will cut down your work in half.

Presentation of Damas and Chambelanes

It is one of the most striking elements of Quinceañera celebrations and exclusive to only this event. Damas and Chambelanes are actually the 14 couples chosen from the friends and family of the girl. Each couple signifies one year of the girl’s life. The Quinceañera comes on stage with her Damas and Chambelanes amid the heavy applause of guests. This moment is definitely one of the highlights of the event.

The Last Doll and Change of Shoes

These are two symbolic rituals that happen usually towards the end of the event. In the “The Last Doll”, the Quinceañera gives her doll to a younger girl, thus illustrating the end of childhood.  Similarly, the change of shoes indicates that the girl is ready to take her role in society and the community as a grown woman.

If you are looking for a Quinceañera venue that can also take care of catering, music, and other event proceedings, then SPEV is the answer. The venue does exclusive bookings for Quinceañera events so rest assured, the splendid 15th birthday of your young girl will become a sweet lifetime memory of hers.

Heli Hangar Event Venue Scottsdale

Luxury Lighting Heli Hangar Scottsdale

When hosting an event, the last thought after all of the planning and prepping for your event is usually how you decide to finally make your grand entrance into the event. When you choose the Heli Hangar as your event venue, you have the ability to ride into your own event on a Sabercat Helicopter. There is even the availability to have your guests take rides in the helicopter throughout the event. Whether you are having a small intimate gathering or a larger event with your friends and family, the Heli Hangar is one way to surely create an unforgettable experience. 

Event Options

There are a plethora of ways to customize your experience when you choose the Heli Hangar for your next event. One of the more intimate options is to have a wonderful dinner followed by a tour with you and your loved one riding the helicopter around the city. This is an amazing option for anniversaries, birthdays or even proposals. Heli Hangars are also a great venue ideal for larger parties, around 450 guests. Corporate events can become the talk of the breakroom for ages to come. This is also an amazing way to host fundraiser galas as well. With so many versatile options, the Heli Hangar is a fully customizable event venue that can meet your needs no matter what the subject of your event is. 

Benefits of Choosing a Unique Venue

There is more than simply the memorable aspect of choosing a unique venue like the Heli Hangar option for your next event. Having custom events become a part of your brand and your identity as a party host. When you come into the event hosting scene, you want to be sure to leave an impression on your brand. Grand entrances by helicopters are a great way to do so. “Scottsdale Private Event Venues,” is unique in offering this type of event venue and pride themselves on custom events that set the bar. SPEV recommends using the Heli Hangar for events such as brand launches or Incentive Events. 

Working With a Full-Service Event Planner

By working with a full-service event planning company such as SPEV, you receive the benefit of an event fully customized around all of your expectations. SPEV works with unique and customized event options such as the Heli Hangar to bring you and your guests an incomparable experience. By working with professionals you can set up helicopter rides for your event during the event, grand entrances and grand exits alike. The Heli Hangar event option gives you one of the most customizable venues that you can choose to have since the helicopter can land in so many different places. 


The Heli Hanger, as one of SPEV’s most popular and unique event space options is a space that will leave your guests forever discussing your next event. The Heli Hangar is an event space that will leave an impression of whether you utilize it for a grand entrance, a grand exit or to give your guests a helicopter ride over the beautiful city. SPEV offers many custom and unique event spaces to choose from. They provide you full planning services to handle every detail that may come up so all you are left to do is enjoy your event. 

Find a full list of Hangar Venues: https://spevevents.com/scottsdale-hangar-event-venues/

Private Event Venues:


How to Pull off a Corporate Event on Short Notice?

How to Pull off a Corporate Event on Short Notice?

Completing any task on short notice gets challenging, and organizing a full-fledged corporate event is no different. Don’t panic and give up altogether if you are facing an emergency like this. Even with a short lead time, you can pull off a successful corporate event, given that you play your cards right.

Let’s see some tricks and measures that you can employ to hold a successful corporate event on short notice.

Invites Should Be Sent Out at the Earliest

When an event is held on short notice, organizers face the issue of low attendance. This issue usually occurs because event invitations are not managed in the right manner. You need to be proactive with event invites when the window between sending invites and the actual event day is small. There are multiple things that you can do to expedite this process.

  • Use all mediums to send out the invitations. Use emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, calls, SMS, express mail to make sure you can fully reach out to the outside guests. For your team, you won’t have to put in that much effort.
  • You can also assign a person or a group to invite all those guests that matter the most personally. They can also put across the reasons for holding the event on such short notice more eloquently.

Try to Avoid Working with Too Many Contractors

When you are organizing an event with a regular lead time, you can work with a range of contractors taking care of different segments of the event. However, you don’t get this luxury when you are treading a tight deadline. Working with too many contractors when you don’t have much time makes for many last-minute unpleasant scenarios.

Instead, pick a contractor that can take care of all aspects of event management. When you work with a company that arranges the venue, catering, audio/video equipment, and transport, half of your work is sorted out on its own. You can streamline your event organizing work in the available time when you are just corresponding with a single person for everything.

Make it Interesting

If you want to make your event success with short lead time in hand, then you need to incentivize people to attend it. Add a specific theme to your event or give it some uniqueness that can be realized without putting in any extra time. For instance, you can have your event at a hangar venue specially designed for corporate and incentive events.

If you are working with a seasoned event company like Scottsdale Hanger Parties, then chances of the success of an event that’s being held on a short notice increase manifold. If you are looking to organize any type of corporate event in and around Scottsdale, get in touch with them.

How to Plan and Hold a Successful Trade Event

Holding a Successful Trade Event and the Role of Venue and Caterer

For businesses that are dealing in a particular range of products, it is really important to brandish them appropriately to reach out to new markets and make new business partners. Holding a trade event and show is a great way to market your product and brand. However, planning and holding such an event is no mean task. So many things go in holding even a small-scale trade event that businesses often refrain from going for it altogether.

However, some tricks and measures can help you in pulling off this difficult task. Here, we are going to discuss how your venue selection and the caterer and entertainment partner can help you in organizing a successful trade event.

Choosing a Venue that Is Big and Also Inexpensive

No matter how small a trade show is going to be, it will need a spacious venue. So, don’t hastily lock in any venue just because you are getting it on the cheap. Remember that you are going to showcase your products to prospective buyers. You may have to create multiple stalls that can easily accommodate the products and staffers who are attending the visitors.

Similarly, you need to leave a lot of walking space in the venue so the visitors can easily roam around. Setting up a sitting area for visitors is also important. You can see that arranging all these things under one roof require quite some space. The exhibition centers and auditoriums can provide you such spaces, but they are quite expensive and may throw your entire budget off balance.

A hangar comes as a viable venue option in this context. They are spacious, available at reasonable fees, and also let you maintain a corporate outlook of the event. You can easily set up multiple stalls and leave a lot of walking and sitting space in hangar venues.

Pretty up Your Trade Event with Food and Beverages

People are coming to your event. They are roaming around, engaging with your staff to find out more about the displayed products. Similarly, your staff is at its toes and attending everyone and answering each and every query. All this activity can tire anyone out. So, serving food and beverages at the event is your ethical responsibility. Setting a buffet or sandwich kiosk and a beverage dispenser is definitely going to inject some energy into your trade event.

In order to streamline this arrangement, try to work with a single contractor that can arrange a venue for your trade show and can also take care of its food and beverage supply.

Don’t Miss the AV Part

A trade show that is taking place in ambient noise has a different feel to it than a similar event being held with beautiful music playing in the background. Similarly, an interactive video being played on large screens and projectors can also make the overall event more interesting for participants.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues can help you in organizing a successful trade event. From the venue to catering and audio/video, they will take care of every important aspect of event management for you.

How to Ace Social Media Photography for Your Event

How to Ace Social Media Photography for Your Event

Event photography is no longer an optional feature. In today’s social media-driven world, you can’t boast of the success of your event without making an impression on social media audiences. Several digital marketing research reports and studies have proved that visual content is the most consumed item on social media. No option is more feasible for covering events on social media besides photographs and videos.

Event management experts recommend that hosts do not compromise on the quality of visual content being captured at their events. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some tips that can help you in acing social media photography of your event, allowing you to only present its best aspects.

Arrange for a Professional Photographer or a Good-Quality Camera Well Before the Event

The best option is to get any professional photographer on board to capture all the memorable moments of your event. However, if you don’t have the budget to hire an expert, make sure there is someone among your team with a good quality camera and decent photography skills.

Don’t leave this arrangement to the last minute and assign the relevant duties well before the event date. It has been noticed that many hosts regret the decision of not giving photography the required importance later on.

Maintain the Uniqueness in Your Captured Images

Social media feeds now remain saturated all the time. If you want to stand out with your event photography on social media, you have to make sure that the photographs are not just high-quality but also rich in their contextual substance. There are some simple tips that you must take into account while churning the content for social media to keep it unique, striking, and engaging.

  • Try to capture the moments of high emotion and transitory actions. In other words, try to be as candid as possible.
  • Make the smart use of event lighting i.e. it should highlight the subject of photos rather than hiding and silhouetting them.
  • Play with angles. The shots with greater depth quickly grab the attention of viewers.

Don’t Ignore Small and Cordial Moments

There is a recurring mistake that many organizers commit while doing event photography. They only try to capture the extravaganza, lavishness, and grandeur of the event. Truth to be told, viewers don’t get impressed with wide shots of the venues and attendees anymore.

Instead, try to focus on seemingly trivial but heartfelt moments e.g. a shot of a person grinning all the way or laughing out loud or a kid totally lost in their platter. Such priceless little moments are able to connect better with social media audiences.

Avoid Over-The-Top Branding

Your event photography will only be viewed on social media if it doesn’t appear to be overtly promotional. If you are just trying to cover your brand name and identity in every still, then people will just scroll past the pictures.  Getting your brand/company covered in 2 out of 6 pictures is ideal for keeping your event photography interesting for a wider social media audience.

Scottsdale Hanger Parties (SHP) provides some magnificent and unique venues for corporate events. The uniqueness of venues along with impeccable lighting makes for some stunning event photography.

Use of Technology for Better Event Hosting

Use of Technology for Better Event Hosting

Technology is now an essential thread of our social fabric and lifestyle. It has dribbled into everything that we do all day knowingly or instinctively. Corporate events or any event for that matter have also been imprinted with the omnipresence and pervasiveness of technology.

Planners and managers are in agreement that the use of technology has breathed new life into events. Now, people ask for the latest event technology trends while meeting planners and organizers. It has been noted that the integration of technology positively impacts events in many capacities.

  • It swells attendance
  • It increases engagement
  • It cuts down the cost.

Let’s have a look at some of the event technologies that are in vogue these days.

Projection Mapping for the Creation of Augmented Reality Experience

Projection mapping can turn around the ambiance of the entire venue for better. This ambiance detailing is done through multiple projectors that cast still and moving images to all the large facades in the venue to create an interactive 3D display.

Projection mapping is also budget-friendly. So, you don’t have to think too much about cost management.  For instance, simple projected mapping on a hangar ceiling can transform the venue into a futuristic dome. You can also use projection mapping along with music to make it a part of interactive entertainment.

Digital and diode lighting controlled through computers can also add to the ultramodern visual ambiance that you are trying to create with projection mapping.

Social Media Walls for Better Engagement

This is an event technology trend that has been around for a while and not going anywhere anytime soon. Put a social media wall throw multiple screens on display with an event hashtag. Post all the posts and pictures with your event hashtag from across different social media platforms to these digital walls. This event tech trend has many upsides.

  • The activity surrounding it generates organic real-time excitement and engagement.
  • Guests at the event become your brand marketer.

Facilitate the Use of Smartphone

People will use their smartphones no matter how interesting your event lineup is. So, start banking on this new-age human instinct.  To begin with, provide free internet. Secondly, go online with your program timeline, handout, menu, and any other itinerary. People will find it easy to look at concurrent event details through their phones and tablets.

Put on a VR Show

If your event entails a short guest list, then you can also think of putting on a VR show. VR is a trending event technology that ensures maximum attendance. You can also use it for some subtle branding.

Live Stream Your Event

If your event consists of music or any other performing art display, then you should make the most of it.  Live stream theses performances to gather a virtual audience for your event. At no cost, you can fetch a good number of eyeballs for your event.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues provides event hosting, catering, and entertainment as per the needs of your preferred theme. The company can also incorporate the latest technology trends in your events to spice things up.



The Importance of Professional Catering in Event Planning

The Importance of Professional Catering in Event Planning

Event planning management is never a mean task. One has to take care of a lot of details to ensure a successful event night. From curating guest lists to venue selection and settling on the entertainment activities, hosts get so engrossed in planning things that they leave catering for the last.

It’s a mistake to put food and beverage details of the event on the back burner. Catering and event planning go hand in hand. You can’t pull off a successful event without professional catering. There are several elements that highlight the importance of catering for organizing a successful event.

It Will Be the Most Memorable Part of the Night

Believe it or not, people remember the food and overall catering services better than any other activity of an event. How good is the food and how it is served—these are the things that linger in guests’ memory for quite some time.

In other words, good catering can help you in projecting the right and pleasing impression of your organization to the employees, prospective, and existing clients. There is a simple formula to ensure that catering at an event remains remarkable: the food should taste good and it should be in adequate quantities.

After all, happiness and festivity is the premise of every event. And what’s better than good food to make people happy?

Catering Is Directly Linked to Health

Focusing on catering for any event is also essential because it is directly linked to you and your guests’ health. You don’t want to hear about some folks getting food poisoned at the event night. Apart from registering as a bad memory for affected guests, it will also put you in an awful state of mind.

For that matter, make sure that you only get quotes from those caterers that have a well-built reputation in the market. You might have to pay some extra to hire services that fully comply with cuisine hygiene requirements. But believe us, the cost of good catering that ensures the wellbeing of your guests is worth it.

Catering and Decoration

Event catering is more than just putting the food on a platter. A whole lot of decoration and arrangement goes with it, and only professionals can rightly do it. Food decoration just adds up to the overall visual appeal of the venue. Bars festooned with exotic dishes in a unique style treat more than just taste buds.

Catering Ensures Hassle-Free Buffet

Professional caterers make sure that the food and drinks they are putting up are in accordance with the headcount. Similarly, they make an effective supply chain in the venue so that no item from the menu faces shortage even for a second. This provision is really important to make the event buffet free of wrestling and hassle.

Scottsdale Private Event Venues provides services of several catering contractors along with its event management services. Make sure you get professional caterers on board to make your event a success.


Tips to Trim Down Food Waste at Your Upcoming Corporate Event

Food is what brings events to life. It is a notable attraction in corporate catered events. However, what is saddening is a lot of food that remains uneaten in these events ends up in the landfill.

As per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, food happens to be the largest contributor to the disposal system as compared to other forms of municipal solid waste. What is even more dreadful is that the same ‘clean’ food ends up releasing methane—a strong greenhouse gas.

If you think there is a lot of food waste at your corporate events, here are a few steps you can follow to reduce it in your upcoming corporate event.


  • Plan In Advance


When organizing a corporate catered event, put food waste reduction as your first priority since the very beginning. Start from finding organizations that will collect leftover food to distribute amongst the poor or homeless in your area. The most common mistake people make is putting first things last, such as food waste reduction. This is not something you can do at the eleventh hour. It will take you time to find a leftover collection organization and things like availability will have to be considered. So, it is best to plan ahead of the event.

Another thing you should understand is the importance of the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. The law was passed in the United States in 1996, and it protects organizations and individuals who donate food from facing legal consequences if any of the donated food items turn out bad or harm anyone.

If you can, communicate with the attendees prior to the event regarding food waste reduction. Send out a reminder email a day before the event in which you ask the attendees to confirm their availability in order to reduce food waste.


  • Be Watchful


Research has shown that an average person eats no more than 1 pound of food in every meal. Often, food caterers will con you by setting a target of 3 pounds per person to earn more, especially in buffet setups. Make sure you choose reliable caterers and do necessary calculations before things are finalized. Go for well-reputed corporate caterers, such as Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering, Atlasta Catering & Event Concepts, Creations In Cuisine or Levi Catering (Kosher or Non).


  • Be Imaginative


Use shrewd tactics to prevent food waste. For example, you should use reusable crockery over paper/plastic dishes that are disposable. This will keep the guests from throwing away leftovers and using fresh plates to fill up without there being a need.

You can also install a hydration station or present tap-water pitchers instead of plastic bottles to prevent both water waste and environmental damage.


  • Be Cooperative


Most people think it is solely the caterer’s responsibility to manage everything, so they don’t pay heed to or discuss important things when they should rather be very cooperative and well-informed. Things like food quality and quantity should be discussed with the event planners or caterers you choose.

You should also communicate with both your guests and the caterers to reduce food waste. The caterer should be informed of the number of guests so that the perfect amount of food is served. If possible, talk about the importance of food waste reduction before it is time to serve.  Learn more about SPEV’s Catering options.

After all, it only takes a little amount of food to save a life; so, why not?

Event With an Aviation Theme

How You Can Host An Event With An Aviation Theme

It is always nice to host an event with a certain twist to it, isn’t it? Among the timelessly glamorous themes, the golden age of the aviation industry always comes at the forefront. It provides the perfect backdrop for any kind of formal event that is taking place. Aviation fanatics and travelers alike love an aviation-themed gala, corporate event or even a wedding. It provides that perfect photogenic evening for people all around and an unforgettable experience. If you are looking to throw your own aviation themed-party, here are some tips that we think you could really use to make it a big hit.

Find an Airplane Hangar

Of course, if you are planning to host an event in an airplane hangar, you need to find one first, right? As odd as it may seem, the unconventional aspect of an airplane hangar is what makes it the perfect venue. If you are hosting a big event, there is nothing better than to have an airplane hangar. Just think about it. A private airplane hangar in Scottsdale has a lot of square footage at your disposal and the height of the ceiling is pretty high. Ideally, the private airplane hangar will have a few private jets parked on the tarmac nearby. The lights should be plentiful so that the ambiance is set as it is complemented by the private jets. If the kind of occasion calls for it, there are some venues in Scottsdale that even allow you to park a small jet within the hangar while the event takes place. At Venues of North Scottsdale, we know we certainly do. Oh and we also provide you access to some of the best airplane hangars in the region.

Select a Time Period

We’re not talking about the schedule of the event itself, we’re talking about the time period from aviation history. If you’re hosting an aviation-themed party in Scottsdale, you need somewhat of a specific theme, right? You could go for the golden age from 1918 to 1939 or you could go completely modern. The choice is all yours. You can even go for a progressive theme that dates from the golden age to the modern day aviation. Selecting a theme helps a lot while planning the event for the aviation-themed party that you’ll be hosting in a private hangar.

Transform the Space

The ceiling touching soaring heights and wide open space allows you to do a lot with space. Get creative with space and go crazy. Transform it according to your vision of the event so that all your guests are mesmerized by the grand affair that your aviation themed party is.

Hire the Right Band

An aviation-themed party without live music would be a dull affair. There is nothing better to bring a party to life than with the right musical backdrop. If course finding the likes of Sinatra himself is not an option but you’d do well to find someone that can play “Fly Me to the Moon” even half as good as the legend did. That’ll be enough.

If You Need Any Assistance

You know, if you need any assistance with your aviation themed party in Scottsdale, you have the best possible option with Venues of North Scottsdale. We offer you a whole host of unique event venues and exciting experiences. The best food and staff will be able to deliver you the most amazing party you’ve ever had. Feel free to contact us at any time for more details. We’d be happy to oblige.