Entertainment Activities for Wedding Parties

Wedding Reception Games & Activities: Fun Entertainment Ideas

As soon as we hear the word ‘party’, things like fun, adventure, memories, lights, liveliness, and activities click automatically. Regardless of the type of party that you are organizing, you can expect it to be successful or outshine other usual gatherings if you fail to add the X-factor by adding fun games and activities to keep it going.

Choosing activities and games for events is difficult in itself owing to the fact you have to consider several things like the type of event, demographics of your guests, location, etc. But it gets even difficult in sacred, idyllic events like a wedding party.

If you are looking for fun ideas, games, and activities to make them a part of your big day, we have got your back with the following ideas. Read on!

Table Games for Wedding Parties

1.      Write-up Games

The easiest and cheapest way you can make your wedding fun is by getting colorful cards or papers and some pens. All you have to do is get the stationary distributed among your guests and ask them to write something like:

  • A secret that they know about either of the new spouses
  • Wishes for the couple
  • Comments on things they don’t like or like the most about your party

Once the writing part is done, you can have some volunteers read the notes out loud. Both you and your guests will enjoy this activity thoroughly.

2.      Board Games

Board games are slowly becoming an integral part of activities incorporated in wedding parties. You can either choose a single board game and arrange it on every table or get different board games placed on the side of each table and allow your guests to play whichever they want to.

3.      Snap It Game

This game includes distributing a list of objects or people that is distributed to the guests. The guests will then use their mobile phones to snap those objects at our wedding venue. Arrange gifts for those who get done quickly and distribute them during the wedding party only.

Games for Outdoor Wedding Parties

On the off chance you have chosen an outdoor venue for your wedding party, there is a wider variety of fun options that you can choose from. But make sure you don’t end up choosing the wrong game. And this can be done by considering things like the budget, location, number of guests, and available space.

The games that you can arrange for include the following:

  • Bean Bag Toss / Corn Hole
  • Ring Toss
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Giant Yahtzee
  • Ladder GolfGiant Connect Four
  • Giant Jenga
  • Lawn Dominoes
  • Yard Pong

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Wedding dishes from other cultures

Exotic Wedding Dishes

Weddings are all about happiness and sharing in the love and joy of two people committed to each other. The perfect wedding is a blend of beautiful colors, happy people, and accompanying music. But it is hard to be happy and stay happy on an empty stomach. Therefore most weddings have elaborate plans on how to feed their reception party. 

You can never go wrong with a mix of meat and poultry, fresh salads, and a nice selection of wines and liquor. Wedding food has a bad reputation for being far too bland, so it’s a good idea to spice up your wedding menu with a few exotic dishes.

Understand that they might not all be suitable for your chosen dining method. Whether you have gone with a sit-down setting, buffet or serving stations, it can have an important impact on what you choose to serve your guests.


A common staple in Italian weddings, it is composed of thick bread slices. The slices are grilled and topped with tomatoes or herbs. They are usually served as snacks as either starters or complimentary dishes at cocktail style wedding parties.


Another part of Italian cuisine, Ravioli is a dumpling/pasta with a filling dipped in sauce. The filling is usually cheese, chicken or vegetables. The traditional shape of these dumplings is square, though other shapes can be seen as well. These dumplings can be served alone as well as dipped in a thick creamy sauce.

Achiote-Marinated Grilled Chicken

A tasty main course from Mexico, this tasty grilled chicken can be served to your guests with a variety of salad options, dipping sauces, roast potatoes or even boiled mushrooms. You can spice up the accompaniments of this spicy food item however you want.

Shredded Beef Enchiladas

If you and your wedding guests crave red meat, you can go with this beefy option. They usually go well with wheat or corn tortilla, or you can simply eat it raw. It is another great Mexican dish to serve your wedding guests.

Hot Berry Tarts 

For a cool dessert option, we will go back to Italian cuisine. These traditional desserts combine the two tasty worlds of pastry making and fresh fruit into small little tarts. These tasty delights will definitely let your guests taste the sweet happiness and joy of your wedding.

Mexican Wedding Cakes

Though they already have enough credibility in the name, their taste and the ability to melt in your mouth makes them a great choice for wedding desserts. They also go by many other names, Mexican wedding cookies, Russian tea cakes, and even Italian butternuts.

These are not just different names; every variety of this dessert has its own nuances that make it a bit different than others. All of them can delight your wedding guests.

Weddings are where people come together. They can also be an event where a lot of good tastes come together. Choosing the right food can be just as crucial as choosing the right venue. And good food can be what makes your guests enjoy the event as much as you do.

Reasons to Have a Celebration of Life Events Instead of Memorial Services

We have come a long way in bidding farewell to deceased loved ones. From primitive burials to memorial services, funerals have changed a lot over the course of human history. In the last couple of years, people are gravitating towards an arrangement where the departed soul is remembered in the more cherished and heartening way instead of typical doom and gloom.

These unique farewell services are called a celebration of life events and have emerged as a more poignant and thoughtful option than a regular funeral and memorial service.

1) Celebrating a Life Is Better than Mourning a Death

This is one of the simplest mantras for which such events are getting popular. It is always better to treasure the achievements and highs of the deceased individual with joviality instead of dismay and dismal.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean people are not supposed to mourn the death of their loved ones. Mourning always takes precedence over any other emotion. You can’t stop the intrinsic outpouring of sorrow that the passing of a loved one begets. However, the idea of a celebration of life event is to remember the deceased in a positive way.

2) Better Participation from the Social Circle

A funeral and memorial service is a somber state of affairs. Everyone attends them after getting into a certain disposition. It inadvertently creates a stiff environment where everyone just waits to end the proceeding and leave. If you want to ensure the family, friends, and colleagues participate with more dedication, hold a celebration of life event. The light and a gently cheerful ambiance of such a commemoration allow people to feel more at home. Friends and colleagues are also able to share funny anecdotes that they may refrain from sharing on a memorial service.

3) You Can Personalize It Better

The idea of a funeral or memorial service is to remember and saying a final goodbye to the deceased individual. Isn’t it best to arrange a gathering that is entirely customized with the personality and preferences of the departed? You can do this in a better manner in a celebration of life event. From setting the menu with the favorite dishes of the deceased and having their favorite music playing in the background, you can transform every bit of the event into their remembrance.

4) Convenience

Truth be told, organizing a celebration of life event is more convenient than a funeral service. Funeral services entail burial as well. This makes taking care of the schedule of visitors difficult. Also, you don’t get time to make the service more thoughtful. Celebration of life events usually happens after burials and cremations. Here, you can accommodate more people by setting a convenient timing. Similarly, you get enough time to outline more pensive proceedings of the event.

SPEV Scottdale Private Event Venue is an ideal venue for the celebration of life events in Scottsdale Arizona. Here, you can personalize the event to perfection for remembering and bidding farewell to a deceased loved one.

Event Lighting Plays a Very Important Role in Success of Events

Lighting is What Brings Events to Life – Here’s How

Whether it’s a residential structure, commercial property, public place, or a temporary event, the easiest and cheapest way you can enhance the look of everything is through lighting.

With the introduction of new lighting tools and technologies, increased usage of lights, and awareness of the wonders simple lighting techniques can do, the demand for lighting professionals has increased radically. Yes, we said ‘lighting professionals’ because it has become a separate profession today.

While lighting for homes and properties are too common, something that is still not as popular is that lighting can be the sole reason for the success or failure of all types of events.

If it is a formal corporate event and you add fancy, colorful lights that keep glistening, you know where you will end up. Likewise, if it is a dance party and you add subtle, single-colored lights without any effect, it’s going to fail badly.

That said, event lighting is extremely important. Businesses’ that realize the importance and effect of effective lighting even endeavor to use specific colors in their logos and boards to develop brand association.

Nonetheless, if you are clueless how lighting can affect event ambiance and venues, here is your answer.

Below are five ways effective event lighting results in successful events.

1.      Event Lighting Impacts Moods

Colors influence moods and this is especially true when they are displayed intensely, such as through lighting. For example, white and subtle golden lights can feel your guests feel calm and relaxed while red, green, and orange can make them feel energized. Therefore, you must choose event lighting according to the type of occasion.

2.      Lighting Creates Better Experiences

So, you are looking forward to this particular event over the weekend that involves several stage acts. You get ready and reach to the event venue all excited and happy only to find out that the event is completely lit with uniform white lights. Do you think a stage act can deliver good experience and influence your mood without appropriate lighting effects that they should be enhanced with?

Of course, not!

And this is how event lighting creates experiences. The lights that you choose must be selected considering four things:

  • Nature of the event
  • Event theme
  • Event agenda
  • Event venue

3.      Event Lighting Can Effortlessly Emphasize What Needs To Be Emphasized

As mentioned in the start, the easiest and cheapest way you can decorate events and impress your guests is through event lighting. Not only does effective event lighting make venues a lot better but they can be used to highlight things that need to be highlighted.

For example, if it is a corporate event, the brand’s name and logo can be lit up using the official colors of the brand. In case of a private event like a wedding, the names of the couple can be displayed with added lights to create a unique revelation.

As much as it is important to rent appropriate venues, you can’t expect your event to do wonders without arranging for suitable event lighting.

If you are dubious about choosing the venues and how to go about light selection, leave it all to the team at Scottsdale Hangar Parties.

7 Wedding Photography Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

The day of your wedding will end up passing by way faster than you’ve ever imagined. It’s hard to accept that a day you spent months preparing for lasts only for a few hours. After that, the only thing left is the memory of it. And what’s an easier way to make memories last than photos?

We’re here to give you some wedding photography ideas to help you remember your big day as accurately as possible. Get a professional photographer and make a shot list for them to know who and what they have to cover.

1.     Take Photos of the Invites

You know a wedding is final when the invites finally start to go out. This is why you should include them in your wedding album.  Layout all the cards on a nice background and make sure you get all the details that are printed on.

2.     Take Photos of the Rings

If wedding invites finalize your wedding, then wedding rings really set the wedding in stone-literally. Make sure you get clear, close-up shots of both yours and your loved one’s wedding ring.

3.     Take Photos of the Preps

A wedding takes a village to pull off. You need to ensure all the people involved in your wedding get the representation they deserve by covering them while they’re in action. Whether it is your makeup crew or the family members that help you adjust your train, have them all in the photos.

4.     Get a Photo of the Dress

Get aesthetic photos of the dress hanging in your dressing room. You’ll obviously get photos of yourself in it, but why not also include the dress in its full form and glory?

5.     Take Photos While Exchanging Vows

Exchanging vows can often be emotional, not just for the couple getting married, but the people in the audience. You shouldn’t only get photos of the people getting married, but the reactions of the people who are listening as well. It’s a great way to remember the sentiments that everyone was going through.

6.     Take Photos of the Cake

A cake is often customized to represent your relationship. It might have decorations or little figurines of the two of you and this is why it becomes extremely important to capture a photo of it before it’s gone.

It’s also a good idea to take photos of the seating and all the other decorations and signs that have been set up throughout the venue, to get a good feel of how the event was overall.

7.     Take Photos of the First Look

It’s always emotional when the couple sees each other for the first time that day. Taking photos of that moment is a wedding essential. However, what some people don’t cover are the seconds right before they see each other. This gives you a perspective into how excited the couple is to see each other again and the nervousness they feel.


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It’s easier than you think to forget to take the right photos when you’re busy worrying about everything else. Making a list beforehand should help you stay on top of things.

Reasons Corporate Events Should Be Planned At Special Venues

Ditch Your Conference Room to Arrange Events that are More Impactful

In order to make your event successful, you must endeavor to deliver a memorable experience to the guests. This is particularly important in case of corporate events where it is generally hard to capture the attendees’ interest and retain it for long.

If you find yourself struggling to impress your corporate guests or fail at delivering experiences that can be retained, you are probably doing it wrong. Since corporate events are naturally dull, things like venue, food, décor, and lighting should be used resourcefully to make them successful. 

But the question that arises here is what do you do when you have a corporate event coming up but there are budget constraints? What if you can’t afford lavish venues? Are there any alternatives to spending extravagantly on décor or food?

In such a situation, simply ditching your conference room and renting a simple venue can do. You don’t have to be overgenerous. No need to spend too much on adding several food items on the venue or paying to get the venue decorated. The goal here is to DODGE the boring conference room and choose an external venue. Sometimes all it takes to entice the audiences is a new venue, especially ones that are outdoors.

Here are a few reasons why you should not hold back from renting a corporate event venue.

Make Your Event Stand Out

By renting a specific venue for corporate events that complements the event theme and type, you get the chance to make your event memorable and impressive without putting in a lot of efforts or investing generously. This benefit is even more significant when it is a corporate event arranged for existing and prospective clients or business partners who you want to compel to partner with you.

A good venue can easily tell your guests that they are valued and keep them engaged throughout.

Get the Limelight

Corporate events that are arranged in nice venues instead of closed conference rooms are more likely to get media attention. This is something that businesses spend thousands of dollars to get.

Only by going a bit out of the box, stretching your budget a little bit or compromising on other less important things, and choosing the most suitable venue, you can get something that businesses spend thousands of dollars and years to get.

How cool is that?

Make Your Otherwise Dull Event Interesting

Events that are well-planned have a greater likelihood to capture audiences’ interest and result in increased audience engagement. By arranging your next corporate event on a unique rented venue that is appropriately embellished to create brand awareness, you will get the benefit of creating brand awareness and association without specifically investing in it. This implies increased market share and profits without targeted marketing activities.

If you are on the lookout for a decent corporate event venue already, Scottsdale Hangar Parties is where you should head right now.

How to Take the Perfect Fundraising Event Photos

Do you ever go a single day without seeing at least one person taking a photo of themselves or someone else?

A study shows that more than 1.2 trillion photos were taken in 2017 alone. Keeping this in mind, you know you need good photos to document whatever event you are holding, especially a fundraiser. After all, your donations depend on how well your stakeholders perceive your business, and this is where high-quality photos come in. Here are some things you can do to get the best photos of your fundraiser:

Connect Emotionally with Your Audience

Try capturing your photos from the attendee’s point of view. You want an outsider to look at your event’s photos and feel like they were there.

This is also a great way to market your event to potential donors. If people can imagine themselves being there, they’re more likely to donate to your cause. Empathy is also a great way to convey your message effectively.

Make Your Photos Colorful

Lighting is important for non-profit event. You don’t want your photos to appear over-edited.

With proper lighting, your photos won’t need much editing. Natural, unedited photos will go better with the theme of your event.

A photo that has natural lighting feels less like a photo and more like an experience. Try and use natural lighting as much as you can, especially if your fundraising event is outdoors. A professional photographer will know how to make the lighting appear more natural.

Think About the Message You Want to Convey

What is the purpose of your fundraiser? Keep the focus of your event in mind when talking to your photographer. Make sure there’s nothing in the shot that doesn’t serve the purpose of the fundraiser. You don’t want photos that could be portraying two opposite messages.

A good idea would be to have boards and signs that provide context for your event. Include them in the background of the photos. They’ll let your audience know about the purpose of the fundraiser.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so make sure you are taking the right photos.

Choose an Experienced Photographer

Photo quality plays a huge role in how others see your event. Only someone who knows camera angles like the back of their hand can capture a great photo.

Candid shots are great for showcasing your event. They give a natural feel to the experience. Good photographers will know that they have to shoot from different angles to make your photos look timeless.

Keep Your Photos Safe

Next year’s fundraiser depends on this year’s success. Keep your photos stored safely for future use. You will need them to help others understand what your event stands for.

Offer Portraits with Backdrops

One great way to get extra donations is to have a backdrop. Attendees can get their photos taken in front of a backdrop that represents your event. If they like the photo, they can pay to have it printed.

This will help in spreading your message and get you some extra donations as well.

Contact us SPEV Scottsdale Private Event Venue and let us cover your events in Scottsdale.

How to Plan the Best Engagement Party

Planning the Best Engagement Parties –Steps To Help You Through It

If you have already been asked out and your ring finger is shining with a pretty sparkler on it, it is time you kick off your engagement preps to later plan for the wedding.

The best part about engagement parties is that everyone close to the couple is so excited for the event that anyone barely pays attention to how involved they might be throughout.

Jokes apart; here are nine mystic steps you should take on to be able to pull off an engagement party that you and everyone around you cherish forever.

1.      Finalize the Host

Typically, it is the bride’s parents who host the engagement party. However, there is no hard-and-fast rule for that.  Today’s pre-nuptial and nuptial events are more of a collaborative approach of both the bride and groom’s families.

Talk it out with your partner. If both of you agree to make it a collaborative approach, you can divide the costs accordingly and have equal say in choosing everything for the event like the décor, food, etc.

If you guys decide to go how it typically is, sit with your family and discuss the budget. Begin planning with the help of your parents, siblings, and anyone else whose say you think is important or is contributing financially.

2.      Choose the Event Date

If you have budget constraints, it is better to wait for the off-peak season when vendors offer lower prices for everything. During peak season, prices are sky-high because of high demand.

Regardless of whether you have budget constra8inits or not, make it a point to discuss with your partner and both your families before finalizing the date of your engagement party.

3.      Prepare a Guest List

Once the hosting part and event date is decided, move on to preparing the guest list. Regardless of who hosts the party, you have to allow a certain number of guests from the groom’s side too. Therefore, it is better if both of you sit together and jot down a tentative list of people you want to invite. Calculate the total number of guests with a buffer of about 5-10 guests so that you don’t fall short of chairs or food and end up in embarrassing situations.

4.      Decide on the Menu

There are several factors that you should consider when deciding on your engagement party’s menu. These include the budget, your preferences and the needs of your guests, time and season of the event, the theme, etc.

As much as you can, try to choose a menu that is all-inclusive; meaning everyone regardless of their eating habits or dietary preferences should have something to eat if not much.

Oh, and don’t forget to design your dresses and engagement invites side by side!

If all of the above seems too much to take care of, hire the experts at Scottsdale Hangar Parties. Sit back, relax, and make memories while the experts do their job.

Utilizing Story Telling with Events

The process of planning an event is the process of telling a story in many different ways whether that be to write press or present your event publically. This is why it is so important to be able to tell your story accurately and professionally when needed to. There are many different event types that require storytelling and knowing how to proactively get your message out there to attract more publicity to your event. By understanding the purpose of storytelling for each type of event, you can accurately market yourself and your event to your peers and potential attendees. You want to create an experience that stays within the hearts and minds of those who attend your event for years to come.

Corporate Events

Corporate events have a massive engagement with the idea of storytelling. There are many different reasons to plan a corporate event and therefore many different reasons to use the process of storytelling. If you are planning a corporate event for an incentive event then you have a lot of storytelling to manage. For this type of event, you would utilize storytelling to motivate your staff to make their way towards their goal. You would also use storytelling to keep everyone up to date as milestones arise and to tell them about what they will be doing at the event that makes the goal worth reaching.

Corporate events can also be fundraising events. When it comes to fundraising events, storytelling can be used in many positive ways to assist in the planning and fruition of the event. The purpose of a fundraising event is to raise money for a specific charity or goal. There is a story there to be told and it needs to be well executed if you want to make sure that the donations roll in. You want to tell your story initially through marketing to intrigue people to come to the event. You want them to feel a strong connection to the theme of the fundraiser so that they feel warmed up to donate to the event. You will also want to speak publicly at a fundraising event to help remind your guests after they enjoy a few glasses of bubbly why you all attended the event in the first place. Stories are a way to connect people with ideas and to make your guests feel connected to the charity or goal that your event is fundraising for.

Personal Events

There are many personal events that people choose to host where a story being told can add a beautiful personal touch to the event. For example, when someone plans a wedding, a story is involved. You share the story of your love and your life and the wishes you have with your guests, in front of everyone you cherish to bond your life together with your spouse. You tell a story in the stationary that you pick out for your invitations, in the flowers that you choose to carry in your bouquet, and in the songs that you play at your reception.

Birthday parties are also events where stories are told. As you turn one year older, the mic is passed around and the world of storytelling is told in the tear-filled eyes of parents and the laughs of friends telling stories of your journeys together. Storytelling is an amazing part of connecting birthdays to our lives and the life that we plan to have. We share our goals, our dreams, and our lives that we envision for ourselves. Storytelling plays a part in almost every aspect of our lives.


Storytelling is a part of our lives and a part of connecting our lives with each other. Storytelling is useful in the world of event planning because when you are able to connect your story or your event’s purpose to your guests then you can help them find a connection with your purpose. This is helpful when handling fundraisers or when you just want them to feel a connection to a special moment in your life. You can create an immersive experience for your guests that they will never forget. We hold a special place in our memories for the things that create a special meaning and connection within us. These stories play a big part in finding that connection.  

Heli Hangar Event Venue Scottsdale

Luxury Lighting Heli Hangar Scottsdale

When hosting an event, the last thought after all of the planning and prepping for your event is usually how you decide to finally make your grand entrance into the event. When you choose the Heli Hangar as your event venue, you have the ability to ride into your own event on a Sabercat Helicopter. There is even the availability to have your guests take rides in the helicopter throughout the event. Whether you are having a small intimate gathering or a larger event with your friends and family, the Heli Hangar is one way to surely create an unforgettable experience. 

Event Options

There are a plethora of ways to customize your experience when you choose the Heli Hangar for your next event. One of the more intimate options is to have a wonderful dinner followed by a tour with you and your loved one riding the helicopter around the city. This is an amazing option for anniversaries, birthdays or even proposals. Heli Hangars are also a great venue ideal for larger parties, around 450 guests. Corporate events can become the talk of the breakroom for ages to come. This is also an amazing way to host fundraiser galas as well. With so many versatile options, the Heli Hangar is a fully customizable event venue that can meet your needs no matter what the subject of your event is. 

Benefits of Choosing a Unique Venue

There is more than simply the memorable aspect of choosing a unique venue like the Heli Hangar option for your next event. Having custom events become a part of your brand and your identity as a party host. When you come into the event hosting scene, you want to be sure to leave an impression on your brand. Grand entrances by helicopters are a great way to do so. “Scottsdale Private Event Venues,” is unique in offering this type of event venue and pride themselves on custom events that set the bar. SPEV recommends using the Heli Hangar for events such as brand launches or Incentive Events. 

Working With a Full-Service Event Planner

By working with a full-service event planning company such as SPEV, you receive the benefit of an event fully customized around all of your expectations. SPEV works with unique and customized event options such as the Heli Hangar to bring you and your guests an incomparable experience. By working with professionals you can set up helicopter rides for your event during the event, grand entrances and grand exits alike. The Heli Hangar event option gives you one of the most customizable venues that you can choose to have since the helicopter can land in so many different places. 


The Heli Hanger, as one of SPEV’s most popular and unique event space options is a space that will leave your guests forever discussing your next event. The Heli Hangar is an event space that will leave an impression of whether you utilize it for a grand entrance, a grand exit or to give your guests a helicopter ride over the beautiful city. SPEV offers many custom and unique event spaces to choose from. They provide you full planning services to handle every detail that may come up so all you are left to do is enjoy your event. 

Find a full list of Hangar Venues: https://spevevents.com/scottsdale-hangar-event-venues/

Private Event Venues: